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Fourteen PSC chapters are scheduled to hold elections in the spring of 2014. They will elect chapter officers, delegates and alternates to the PSC Delegate Assembly and representatives to the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council. Candidate Declaration forms will be available from the PSC office on December 3, 2013 or here on the PSC website. The deadline for filing the Candidate Declaration form will be January 6, 2014. Click here to see the Notice of Nominations and Elections – Spring 2014 published in the latest Clarion. Click here for the election rules.

Votes in the election for PSC chapter positions at the College of Staten Island (CSI) were counted by the American Arbitration Association on November 1. The results were certified by the PSC Elections Committee on November 12. No challenges were filed. The Elections Committee submitted its report on the vote to the PSC Delegate Assembly, which approved them on November 14. Read more for the election results.

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Soon New York City will have a mayor and City Council who have pledged to share our vision for a more equitable city. But if we’re going to turn progressive goals into reality, we have to continue the fight. A city where good jobs pay a living wage, the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and every resident has the opportunity to receive a quality k-16 education is within our sight. To get there we need a grassroots movement that bolsters our newly elected officials and gives us the power to overcome years of austerity politics and opposition from Albany and Wall Street. That movement starts now.

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Karen Lewis, the Chicago Teachers Union president who led a high-profile strike in early 2012, will be the keynote speaker at an event at Brooklyn College next week. Sponsored by the Wolfe Institute, the Brooklyn College PSC Chapter and other groups, Solidarity, Community, and the Struggle for our Public Schools, will be Tuesday, November 19, 4:00 PM in the Penthouse of the Brooklyn College Student Center (Campus Road and East 27th Street). Barbara Bowen, president of the PSC, and Liza Featherstone, Belle Zeller Professor, Brooklyn College, will also speak.

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Join students, faculty, staff and members of the community in a strategic dialogue to resist militarization, repression and labor exploitation at CUNY. Organized by the PSC International Committee and Free University-NYC.

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PSC Resolution Opposing CUNY’s Policy on “Expressive Conduct”
The Delegate Assembly of the PSC has passed a resolution demanding that CUNY’s draft Policy on “Expressive Conduct” be withdrawn from any further consideration by the CUNY Board of Trustees. The draft Policy on Expressive Conduct, a revised iteration of CUNY’s draft Policy on “Expressive Activity,” which became public in October, still reads as “an attempt to silence dissent and stifle protest before it starts,” according to the resolution.

On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, the New York Police Department arrested six people, including four CUNY students, in an unprovoked police attack against a peaceful protest by students and faculty against CUNY's appointment of former CIA chief General David Petraeus. CUNY students were punched, slammed against vehicles and against the pavement by NYPD officers. On Thursday, September 19 the Delegate Assembly unanimously passed a resolution opposing police violence against peaceful protesters and affirming the right of faculty, staff and students to engage in peaceful protest free from fear of a violent police response. Read the resolution.

Two hundred PSC members joined a union rally at the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College Monday, September 30. Faculty and staff demonstrated inside the Board meeting and in the street outside Baruch to reiterate the union’s refusal to accept an austerity contract for its members or an austerity education for CUNY students. A fair contract, quality education for CUNY students and action in response to the 92% No Confidence in Pathways vote were the union’s demands of the CUNY Board.

A message from PSC President Barbara Bowen.

September 23, 2013

Dear Colleague:

Please join me next Monday, September 30, to demand that the CUNY Board of Trustees re-set its priorities.

Pres. Barbara Bowen started the academic year with a union-wide email about three interlocking issues: the contract, Pathways and the primary elections in New York City. In it she asked PSC members to mark their calendars for Monday, September 30 at 3:30 PM—the time of the first Board of Trustees meeting of the new year. The PSC is mounting a protest on that day to deliver a message to the Board about our priorities.