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RF Central Office Contract

Summary of Contract Settlement

Ratified by PSC Membership and RF Board of Directors, January 2018

Click here for the full 2018-2022 agreement.

Duration:  5 years (1/1/18 – 12/31/22)

Wage increases:  minimum 2% across the board on 1/1/18, 1/1/19, 1/1/20, 1/1/21 and 1/1/22

Enhanced Longevity Schedule:  Effective 1/1/18, $400 after 3 years of service, $800 after 5 years of service, $1200 after 7 years of service.  No other changes.  On 1/1/18, where applicable, employees will receive the difference between their most recent longevity increment and the new amount.

Promotional Longevity Adjustment:  RF will add back in prior longevity increments earned upon promotion to a higher grade.

Annual Leave Accrual Rates:  Effective 1/1/18, all covered employees shall accrue at the same rate (i.e., the same rate as all employees hired before January 1, 2014).

Annual Leave Carryover:  Effective 1/1/18, all covered employees shall carryover no more than 245 hours from one year to the next.

Health Insurance Employee Contribution Rate:  Remains at 21% for the duration of the contract.

Unreimbursed Dental Expenses:  Up to $250 per year for “reimbursable” dental expenses, not including cosmetic procedures.  No carryover.

Overtime Language:  Overtime shall be voluntary except in emergencies.  There shall be no discrimination against any employee who declines to voluntarily work OT.

Probationary Employees:  Written evaluations shall be performed mid-way through the respective probationary period.

Bereavement Leave:   Shall include Grandparent-in-law.

Side Letters which will expire at the end of the contract (12/31/22):

  1. The RF will limit the use of temporary employees replacing a covered vacant position to six (6) months.
  2. In the event a covered vacancy goes beyond six (6) months, a Labor/Management meeting will be convened.
  3. The RF will allow the use of Sick Leave for family members as currently defined in the contract for up to 20 days per year.
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