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Reassigned Time

One of the hallmarks of the current union leadership is a commitment to making CUNY a place where serious scholarly work can be done. The two most recent contracts have included breakthroughs in the provision of paid research time for untenured faculty. Full-time tenure-track faculty appointed on or after September 1, 2006, are entitled to 24 hours of reassigned time for research at full pay. The time must be used within your first five annual appointments. Full-time tenure-track faculty appointed after September 1, 2002, but before September 1, 2006, are entitled to 12 hours of reassigned time.

The reassigned time at full pay is an entitlement; you do not have to write a proposal for it or report afterwards on its use. You are, however, required to arrange with your department chair how the time should be scheduled. The 24 hours may be scheduled in a single block or in portions over the five years, depending on your scholarly needs and the agreement of your department chair. As soon as you have settled into the department, begin the conversation with your chair about how best to use the time.

Untenured assistant professors, associate professors and professors employed as faculty counselors or faculty librarians who are initially appointed to those titles on or after September 1, 2006 will receive the equivalent of 12 contact hours of reassigned time to engage in scholarly and/or creative activities. For the purposes of this provision, 12 contact hours will be equivalent to one semester of 15 weeks; 24 contact hours will be equivalent to two semesters of 15 weeks each.

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