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PSC/CUNY COPE is the PSC’s Committee on Political Education—the political action arm of our union and part of the non-partisan VOTE COPE program supported by hundreds of thousands of union members from our state and national affiliates, NYSUT and AFT. COPE contributions are voluntary and only PSC/CUNY members may contribute.

Check your pay stub to confirm that you are a PSC member.

To contribute to COPE, you MUST be either a citizen or permanent resident (Green Card holder) of the United States.

Why PSC Members Should Contribute to COPE

  • VOTE COPE is one vital element of our political program, and the more members who contribute, the bigger and stronger our program can become. We use VOTE COPE money to support and hold accountable political candidates who fight for CUNY, to support organizations who fight alongside us for CUNY funding, and to stipend members to do political work for the union. Dues are not used for such purposes.
  • Numbers count! The more members we have contributing to VOTE COPE the stronger our argument is that our members care about the extent to which legislators and our union affiliates prioritize CUNY and the PSC. We put our money where our mouth is, and we expect them to pay attention to our demands and needs.
  • VOTE COPE was integral to the funding gains we made last cycle at the state level. After a decade of cuts and flat funding, in 2021, we successfully fought back all of the then-Governor’s proposed cuts, and brought some new money into the system, both for senior and community colleges.
  • At the city level this year, PSC-endorsed, VOTE COPE supported candidates won 26 primary races including Public Advocate and Comptroller, and then additional general election races. As a result, the 2022 city council will have some substantial knowledge of CUNY and our issues, and some members are shaping up to be strong CUNY champions.

COPE Victories achieved in the 2023 state and city budget negotiations

  • Defeated Gov. Hochul’s proposed tuition increase
  • More than $100M in new operating aid, much more than Hochul initially proposed
  • Capital budget of $1.1B, double what Hochul proposed
  • Restorations to BMI, SEEK, and more
  • NYC Council restored $32.4M in budget cuts from mayor
  • NYC Council estorations to ASAP/ACE and new investments in advising


PSC/CUNY will not favor or disfavor the contributor based on contribution amount; contributions are made voluntarily, without fear of reprisal; and contributing to VOTE COPE is not a condition of membership. Money received is used for political contributions and expenditures in connection with federal, state and local elections. Contributions to VOTE COPE are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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