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Principal Officers


James Davis

James Davis served as Chapter Chair at Brooklyn College from 2015 to 2021, where he is professor of English. He was elected to the PSC Executive Council in 2018 as Senior College Officer and served on the Bargaining Committee. A longtime PSC activist, he was drawn to organizing with students and colleagues 17 years ago to prevent tuition hikes and military recruitment on campus. He has helped to wage successful chapter campaigns for health and safety, academic freedom, union membership, adjunct equity, anti-racism and cross-title solidarity. With the PSC, he has led lobbying teams in Albany and demonstrations in the streets, represented the union in public hearings and helped to negotiate the implementation of the full-time faculty teaching-load reduction. He currently holds an elected position on the American Association of University Professors National Council. Prior to his Brooklyn College appointment, James spent four years adjuncting at NYC-area colleges and two years in a tenure-line position at a community college. A devoted teacher and scholar, he has published widely on American literature and is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from Brooklyn College.

First Vice President

Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vásquez is First Vice President of the PSC. For over fifteen years, she has worked to organize HEOs across CUNY and to reconstitute the Graduate Center PSC chapter. Andrea has served on the PSC Executive Council for several terms and, in the last two rounds of bargaining, on the negotiations committee, where she helped defend past gains and win new demands for all members, including improvements to HEO reclassification and a new HEO salary differential. She is a leader in the legislation work of the PSC and spearheads the union’s coalition work with CUNY Rising Alliance and with other unions and community groups in revenue coalitions. Andrea was instrumental in the creation of the New Deal for CUNY legislation that was filed in early 2021 and she is responsible for the campaign to pass and implement the bill among PSC members and in the legislature. Andrea supports the work of members in several PSC committees and also works with adjunct liaisons to build membership and meet the needs of CUNY adjunct faculty. In her regular job, Andrea is associate director of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning and managing director of the Graduate Center’s New Media Lab. She works with a team of producers and historians to create classroom documentaries and U.S. history web resources. In addition to supporting the work of Graduate Center students who use digital technologies in their academic research, Andrea’s own recent work is directing the ongoing CUNY Digital History Archive project.


Felicia Wharton

Felicia Wharton is a doctoral lecturer at the Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center (BEOC) and has taught mathematics at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT). In 2014, she became the chapter chair of the BEOC and served on the PSC finance committee. Felicia is an active advocate for the Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs), ensuring that EOCs maintain wage and benefit parity with CUNY employees in similar titles, and as chair has established a strong relationship with the NYCCT PSC chapter, as NYCCT is the administering college of the BEOC. She is a CUNY graduate with a PhD in urban education from the Graduate Center, a master’s in pure mathematics from Hunter College, and recently a master’s in higher education administration from Baruch College. Her research focuses on the issues and challenges teachers and students encounter in teaching and learning mathematics in adult education programs. Her work has been published in “Coteaching in International Contexts: An examination of Ten Years of Research and Practice and Transforming Urban Education: Urban Teachers and Students Working Collaboratively.”


Penny Lewis

Penny Lewis is Associate Professor of Labor Studies at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, and was Vice President for Senior Colleges for the PSC from 2018 to 2021. She received her doctorate at the Graduate Center and has worked at CUNY since, including as a graduate fellow at John Jay, adjunct at Queens, teacher at the Hunter Campus Schools, and instructor at Borough of Manhattan Community College. A PSC activist since grad school, Penny has been on the Executive Council since 2009, Co-Chair of the Solidarity Committee, Labor-Management Chair and on the Bargaining Committee. She has helped lead numerous campaigns over the years, such as successful efforts to win in-state tuition for undocumented students, local campus reductions in class size and pay equity raises, and efforts to help the PSC and other New York unions prepare for the Janus decision. She writes about social movements, and is co-editor of the forthcoming Immigration Matters: Visions, Strategies and Movements for a Progressive Future (The New Press, 2021) and coauthor of the forthcoming A People’s Guide to New York City (University of California Press, 2021). Penny is excited to be part of a strong team to secure past gains and bring us closer to a just and equitable CUNY for workers and students alike.

Executive Council

The Executive Council (“the EC”), the union’s 27-member leadership group, is responsible for making policy recommendations to the DA. The EC includes the four principal officers listed above and the 23 people listed here. They are elected directly by the entire membership or the constituency they represent and have overall executive responsibility for the union. EC members serve three-year terms.

James Davis (Brooklyn College)

Andrea Vásquez (Graduate Center)
First Vice President

Felicia Wharton (BEOC)

Penny Lewis (School of Labor and Urban Studies)

David Hatchett (Medgar Evers)
Vice President
Senior Colleges

Sharon Utakis (Bronx CC)
Vice President
Community Colleges

Rosa Squillacote (Hunter College)
Vice President
Part-Time Personnel

Iris DeLutro (Queens College)
Vice President
Cross Campus Units

Angel Martinez (Bronx CC)
Pamela Stemberg (CCNY/Hostos)
Lynne Turner (Graduate Center)
Part-Time Personnel Officers

Lawrence Bosket (Brooklyn College)
Luke Elliott-Negri (Graduate Center)
Jennifer Gaboury (Hunter College)
Sharon Persinger (Bronx CC)
Youngmin Seo (LaGuardia CC))
University-wide Officers

Myrlene Dieudonne (NYC College of Technology)
Amy Jeu (Hunter College)
Janet Winter (John Jay College)
Cross Campus Officers

Michael Batson (College of Staten Island)
Susan Kang (John Jay College)
George Emilio Sanchez (College of Staten Island)
Senior College Officers

Geoffrey Kurtz (Manhattan CC)
Howard Meltzer (Manhattan CC)
Emily Schnee (Kingsborough CC)
Community College Officers

Marva Lilly (John Jay/ Retired)
Nancy Romer (Brooklyn College/Retired)
Retiree Officers

Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly (“the DA”) is the union’s central policy-making body The DA holds open meetings at the union hall each month during the academic year. The DA is comprised of representatives from each of the chapters plus the 27 General Officers of the union who comprise its Executive Council.

Click here for DA minutes.

PSC Executive Council Members
Michael Batson
Lawrence Bosket
James Davis
Iris Delutro
Myrlene Dieudonne
Luke Elliott-Negri
Jennifer Gaboury
David Hatchett
Amy Jeu
Susan Kang
Geoffrey Kurtz
Penny Lewis
Marva Lilly
Angel Martinez
Howard Meltzer
Sharon Persinger
Nancy Romer
George Emilio Sanchez
Emily Schnee
Youngmin Seo
Pamela Stemberg
Rosa Squillacote
Lynne Turner
Sharon Utakis
Andrea Ades Vásquez
Felicia Wharton
Janet Winter

Baruch College
Vincent DiGirolamo
Debra Caplan
Frank Cioffi
Stuart Davis
Elisabeth Gareis
Peter Harrison
Neil Hernandez
Glenn Petersen
Stan Wine

Alternate Delegates
Jean Gaffney
George (Jorge) Gonzalez
Ian Ross Singleton
Greg Snyder
Elizabeth Wollman

Bronx Community College
Yasmin Edwards
Diane Price Banks
Hisseine Faradj
Monique Guishard
Peter Kolozi
Angel Martinez
Maria Treglia

Alternate Delegates
Nerissa Brown
Johanky Reyes Moreno
Jose Reyes
Colin Young

Brooklyn College
Carolina Bank Munoz
Mobina Hashmi
Alexandra Juhasz
Mark Lauterbach
Veronica Manlow
Immanuel Ness
Jocelyn Wills

Alternate Delegates
Madeline Fox
Naomi Schiller

Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center
Darron Henry

City College
Carol Huang
Robert Balun
Philip Barnett
Joseph Davis
Susan DiRaimo
John Gillooly
Alexander Punnoose
Alice Shepard
Pamela Stemberg
Harold Aram Veeser

Alternate Delegates
Carla Cappetti
Itzhak Mano
Kathlene McDonald
David Rumschitzki

College Laboratory Technicians
Jeanette Batiz (Bronx CC)
Persio Pereyra (Bronx CC)
Syed Amir Abdali (City College)
Sharif Elhakem (Lehman College)
Habib Girgis (Lehman College)
Luisa Hindle (LaGuardia CC)
Jacqueline Elliott (NYC Tech)
Pedro Irigoyen (Queensborough CC)

Alternate Delegates
Edward Coppola (Brooklyn College)
Deborah Hertzberg (Brooklyn College)
Orit Gruber (CSI)
Karin Contreras (Hostos CC)

College of Staten Island
Jason Bishop
Alyson Bardsley
Jonathan Cope
Catherine Lavender
Michael Paris
Ruth Powers Silverberg
Eleni (Nelly) Tournaki

Alternate Delegates
Megan Caldwell
Robert Grosso
Christina Hagedorn
John Lawrence
Tara Mateik

CUNY Central Office
Lucy McIntyre
Saul Spicer

Graduate Center
Lynne Turner
Giacomo Bianchino
Harry Blain
Luisa Borrell
Nicholas Devlin
Marc Kagan
Susan Fountain
Jean Grassman
Maya Harakawa
Ella Merriwether
Claudia Shacter-deChabert
Roxanne Shirazi
Olivia Wood

Alternate Delegates
Sofya Aptekar
Hanna Goldberg
Evan Rothman

Maggie Dickinson

Alternate Delegate
Kristina Baines

Higher Education Officers
Rulisa Galloway-Perry, (John Jay)
Michele Doney, (Baruch)
Daryl Minor, (Baruch)
John Gallagher, (BMCC)
Justyna Jagielnicka, (BMCC)
Christina Randall, (Bronx CC)
Lawrence Bosket, (Brooklyn)
Jesus Perez, (Brooklyn)
Anselma Rodriguez, (Brooklyn)
Jennifer Harrington, (City)
Geniece Pacifici-Elijalde, (City)
Warren Orange, (City)
Carlos Parker, (City)
Cynthia Bink, (City Tech)
Myrlene Dieudonne, (City Tech)
Chastity Norman, (City Tech)
Phillipe Marius, (CSI)
Mary Murphy, (CSI)
Alexander Romeo, (CSI)
Zee Dempster, (Grad Ctr)
Maureen Lamar, (Grad Ctr/SLU)
Jennifer Lee, (Grad Ctr)
Isela Lopez, (Grad Ctr/ASRC)
Gerry Martini, (Grad Ctr)
Nancy Silverman, (Grad Ctr)
Andrea Vasquez, (Grad Ctr)
Lisanette Rosario, (Hostos CC)
Christina Freeman, (Hunter)
Keith Okrosy, (Hunter)
Shakia Brown, (John Jay)
Janet Winter, (John Jay)
Maria Patestas, (Kingsborough CC)
Peter Santiago, (Kingsborough CC)
Kate Wayler, (Kingsborough CC)
Donniece Davis-Cooper, (LaGuardia CC)
Renee Freeman-Butler, (LaGuardia CC)
Karlene Johnson, (Lehman)
Mark Miller, (Lehman)
Kevin Adams, (Medgar Evers)
Esther Llamas, (Medgar Evers)
Arthur (Ben) Chitty, (Queens)
Sam Sue, (Law School)
Jeffrey Ballerini, (Queensborough CC)
Victoria O’Shea, (Queensborough CC)
Anthony Andrews, (York)
Cheryl Morrison, (York)

HEO Alternate Delegates
Cheryl Walker, (Bronx CC)
Laurie Aguirre, (City Tech)
Terry Mares, (CSI)
Andrew Bennett, (Guttman CC)
Allison Baptiste, (Hostos CC)
Elbagena Bonilla, (Hostos CC)
Cristina Teran, (Queens)
Dan Matte, (York)

Hostos Community College
Craig Bernardini
Lizette Colon
Felipe Pimentel

Alternate Delegates (Hostos)
Melvin Huffnagle
Olga Steinberg

Hunter Campus Schools
Cristina Moore

Alternate Delegates

Hunter College
Tanya Agathocleous
Matthew Devany
Peter Dudek
Jeremy Glick
Tami Gold
Daniel Hurewitz
Sandor John
Jack Kenigsberg
Robyn Marasco
Erin Mayo-Adam
Rosa Squillacote
Christopher Stone

Alternate Delegates
Michael Berube
Carmelina Cartei
Tim Cusick
Stuart Kaufer
Michael Lewis
Martin Lucas
Roberta Walker Kilkenny

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Elizabeth Hovey
Ellen Belcher
Jonathan Epstein
Susan Kang
Nivedita Majumdar
Gerald Markowitz
Jayne Mooney
Paul Narkunas
Ellen Sexton

Alternate Delegates
Andrea Balis
Jay Gates
Robert McCrie
Sandra Swenson
Patricia Tovar

Kingsborough Community College
Scott Cally
Vincent Cuccia
Maria Hernandez
Rick Repetti
Michael Rosson
Michael Spear

Alternate Delegates
Tamara Bellomo
Kwame Nyanin
Ashiza Shah

LaGuardia Community College
Lara Beaty
Thomas Cleary
Lorraine Cohen
Carrie Conners
Sarah Durand
Youngmin Seo
Dora Trujillo

Alternate Delegates
Andreas Karras
Karen Miller
Laura Tanenbaum

Lehman College
David Manier
Ayanna Alexander-Street
Diane Auslander
Eleanor T. Campbell
Stuart Chen-Hayes
Robert Farrell
Dana Fenton
Ruth Wangerin

Alternate Delegates
Maria T. Fernandez (Mariposa)
Sheila W. Hankin
Humberto Lizardi
Mary Phillips
Luis R. Vega

Manhattan Community College
Kathleen Offenholley
Anthony J. Creaco
Shawn Grant
Anthony Gronowicz
Will Craig Hutchison
Boyda Johnstone
Hemalatha Navaratne
Owen Roberts
Andrew Smallwood
Rebecca Smart
Sharell Walker

Alternate Delegates
Melissa Butler-Haughton
Jennifer Delfino
Lane Glisson
Heather James
Siobhan Mcbride
Remysell Salas

Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center
Karen Berry

Alternate Delegate
Latoya Cameron

Medgar Evers College
Zulema Blair
Janice Bloomfield-Alves
David Hatchett
Yvanne Joseph

New York City College of Technology
Carole Harris
Katie Albany
Nora Almeida
Megan Behrent
Sandra Cheng
Kyle A.Cuordileone
Angela Loguercio
Sean MacDonald
Annie Ngana-Mundeke
Patricia S. Rudden
Benjamin Heim Shepard

Alternate Delegates
Colleen Birchett
Gwen Cohen Brown
Jinwon Kim
Ryan McMillen
Sarah Standing
Christopher Swift

Queens College
David Gerwin
Jonathan Buchsbaum
Soribel Genao
Carol Giardina
Jane Guskin
Ted Kesler
Roopali Mukherjee
Anestoria Shalkowski

Alternate Delegate
Nancy Foasberg
Julie George
Richard Maxwell
Karen Weingarten

Queensborough Community College
Philip Pecorino
Adrian Bordoni
Julian Stark

Alternate Delegates

Research Foundation
Charles Chaung

Research Foundation Field Units
Antonica James

Anne Friedman
Robert Cermele
Jacqueline DiSalvo
William Friedheim
Cecelia McCall
Eileen Moran
Marcia Newfield

Alternate Delegates
Joan Greenbaum
Glenn Kissack
Diane Menna
Robert Nelson
Blanca Vazquez

York College
Ian Hansen
Elise Henry
Esther Debbie Louis
Abiola Oladipo
Selena Rodgers

Alternate Delegate
Jake Apkarian
Salek Aseff
Lalit Bajaj
Freya Pritchard


The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) are our national and state affiliates. The PSC sends delegates to the AFT bi-annual national conventions (held in even-numbered years) and the annual NYSUT Representative Assembly.

Anthony Andrews, Jr.
Robert Balun
Hara Bastas
Jeanette Batiz
Michael Batson
Cynthia Bink
Lawrence Bosket
Barbara Bowen
Robert Cermele
Arthur Chitty
Lorraine Cohen
Lizette Colón
Jonathan Cope
James Davis
Stuart Davis
Iris Delutro
Myrlene Dieudonne
Susan Diraimo
Jacqueline Disalvo
Jacqueline Elliott
Luke Elliott-Negri
Michael Fabricant
Robert Farrell
Margaret Feeley
Beth Ferholt
Jennifer Gaboury
John Gallagher
Rulisa Galloway-Perry
Soribel Genao
David Gerwin
Joan Greenbaum
Anthony Gronowicz
Orit Gruber
Jane Guskin
Jennifer Harrington
David Hatchett
Carol Huang
Justyna Jagielnicka
Amy Jeu
Karlene Johnson
Marc Kagan
Susan Kang
Geoffrey Kurtz
Steve Leberstein

Penny Lewis
Marva Lilly
Steve London
Nivedita Majumdar
Gerald Markowitz
Angel Martinez
A. Gerald Martini
Elizabeth Mazzola
Howard Meltzer
Franklin Mirer
Joyce Moorman
Corinna Mullin
Sonia Murrow
J. Paul Narkunas
Hemalatha Navaratne
Immanuel Ness
Marcia Newfield
Keith Okrosy
Daliz Perez-Cabezas
Sharon Persinger
Marianne Pita
John Pittman
Anselma Rodriguez
Nancy Romer
George Sanchez
Emily Schnee
Youngmin Seo
Ian Singleton
Michael Spear
Rosa Squillacote
Pamela Stemberg
Christopher Swift
Joanna Thompson
Garland Max Thorn
Lynne Turner
Alia Tyner-Mullings
Sharon Utakis
Andrea Vásquez
Ruth Wangerin
Dominic Wetzel
Felicia Wharton
Stanley Wine
Janet Winter


The PSC is also affiliated with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). It has four delegates to the AAUP annual meeting.

Lorraine Cohen
James Davis
Laroi Lawton
Nivedita Majumdar