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Principal Officers

The four principal officers are members of the Executive Council.

Barbara Bowen.jpgBarbara Bowen, a professor of English at Queens College and the Graduate Center of The City University of New York (CUNY), taught for fifteen years before becoming president of the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY. A scholar of 17th-century English literature and African-American studies, Bowen earned her Ph.D. at Yale and has published numerous works in her field. Throughout her academic career, she also worked in progressive political movements and as a labor organizer.

Bowen’s election as president of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) in 2000 was as part of a collective of faculty and staff with deep roots in progressive politics. The PSC represents 25,000 faculty members and professional staff at CUNY and the CUNY Research Foundation.

Bowen began her union career when an assignment as a VISTA volunteer turned into an effort to organize 800 tobacco pickers in the Connecticut River Valley. She also spent several years as a community organizer.

In addition to her position as an AFT vice president, Bowen is a member of the NYSUT board of directors and the executive board of the New York City Central Labor Council.

AndreaFist110415.jpgAndrea Ades Vásquez is First Vice President of the PSC. For over a dozen years, she has worked to organize HEOs across CUNY and, more recently, to reconstitute the Graduate Center PSC chapter. Andrea has served on the PSC Executive Council for three terms and, in the last round of bargaining, on the negotiations committee, where she helped defend past gains and win new demands for all members, including improvements to HEO reclassification and a new HEO salary differential. Currently finishing her term as HEO chapter chair, Andrea spearheaded the formation of 22 HEO labor management committees across CUNY, created a HEO resources web page and trained numerous HEOs to know and defend the contact. She is a member of the PSC Archives Committee, Legislation Committee, Contract Negotiations and 7K Committee.

Andrea is associate director of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning and managing director of the Graduate Center’s New Media Lab. She works with a team of producers and historians to create classroom documentaries and U.S. history web resources. In addition to supporting the work of Graduate Center students who use digital technologies in their academic research, Andrea’s own recent work is collaborating with others on the ongoing CUNY Digital History Archive project. She leads efforts to collect, preserve and present documents related to the history of the CUNY as experienced by students, faculty, staff, alumni, librarians, archivists, community members and retirees.

Nivedita Majumdar_0.jpgNivedita Majumdar is Secretary of the PSC. She is associate professor of English at John Jay College. She has been PSC Chapter Chair at John Jay College since 2011. She is a member of the Contract Campaign Advisory Committee, has completed the PSC Leadership Training Program and represents the PSC at the AFT Higher Education Program and Policy Committee. In her tenure as chapter chair at John Jay, she has spearheaded the building of a dynamic chapter that has led campaigns on several issues that extend beyond the contract. The signature campaign has been for workload mitigation for full-time faculty, which would entail a reorganization of workload in the interests of faculty and students. A sustained three-year campaign by faculty succeeded in its goal of getting the administration to institute a universal, non-competitive program that will benefit tenured professors and lecturers. This campaign, along with others like the anti-Pathways and adjunct seniority efforts, has dramatically increased the level of political awareness and participation among our members.

Nivedita has been active in progressive movements within and outside the university for more than 20 years in the US and India. She remains committed to working on improving the working conditions of our members while ensuring that our union actively works with other forces to protect and nurture public higher education and promote a progressive social vision.

Nivedita is an active scholar. Her research interests include Marxist theory, postcolonial studies, theories of nationalism and cultural studies; she has published widely in these areas. Her edited book, The Other Side of Terror, (Oxford, 2009) offers a Left critique of terrorism discourse. She is currently at work on her next book on postcolonial theory and literature.

Sharon Persinger_0.jpgSharon Persinger is Treasurer of the PSC. She is an associate professor of mathematics and computer science at Bronx Community College, with a PhD in mathematics from the CUNY Graduate Center and a master’s in computer science from City College. She has served as chair of the PSC chapter at BCC since 2010. With her leadership, the BCC chapter has worked to restore adequate funding for CUNY, improve health and safety at the college, win equity for adjuncts, and support the struggles of other unionized workers in the Bronx. She has served as a member of the PSC Executive Council since 2011, is a member of the Labor Goes to the Movies Committee and the Committee on the Militarization of CUNY, and was recently appointed as a trustee of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund and a member of the NYSUT Policy Council. Born into a union family in West Virginia, Sharon learned about the importance and power of organized labor from the United Mine Workers.

Executive Council

The Executive Council (“the EC”), the union’s 27-member leadership group, is responsible for making policy recommendations to the DA. The EC includes the four principal officers listed above and the 23 people listed here. They are elected directly by the entire membership or the constituency they represent and have overall executive responsibility for the union. EC members serve three-year terms.

Barbara Bowen

Andrea Ades Vásquez
First Vice President

Nivedita Majumdar

Sharon Persinger

Penny Lewis
Vice President
Senior Colleges

Lorraine Cohen
Vice President
Community Colleges

Carly Smith
Vice President
Part-Time Personnel

Iris DeLutro
Vice President
Cross Campus Units

Susan DiRaimo
Meg Kallman Feeley
Blanca Vázquez
Part-Time Personnel Officers

Luke Elliott-Negri
Michael Fabricant
Steve London
George Emilio Sanchez
Alia Tyner-Mullings
University-wide Officers

Myrlene Dieudonne
Jacqueline Elliott
Janet Winter
Cross Campus Officers

Michael Batson
James Davis
David Hatchett
Senior College Officers

Howard Meltzer
Michael Spear
Sharon Utakis
Community College Officers

Joan Greenbaum
Steve Leberstein
Retiree Officers



Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly (“the DA”) is the union’s central policy-making body The DA holds open meetings at the union hall each month during the academic year. The DA is comprised of representatives from each of the chapters plus the 27 General Officers of the union who comprise its Executive Council.


PSC Executive Council Members
Michael Batson
Barbara Bowen
Lorraine Cohen
James Davis
Iris Delutro
Myrlene Dieudonne
Susan DiRaimo
Jacqueline Elliott
Luke Elliott-Negri
Michael Fabricant
Meg Kallman Feeley
Joan Greenbaum
David Hatchett
Steve Leberstein
Penny Lewis
Steven London
Nivedita Majumdar
Howard Meltzer
Sharon Persinger
George Emilio Sanchez
Carly Smith
Michael Spear
Sharon Utakis
Alia Tyner-Mullings
Andrea Ades Vásquez
Blanca Vázquez
Janet Winter

Baruch College
Vincent DiGirolamo
Frank Cioffi
Lisa Ellis
Glenn Petersen
Carly Smith
Gregory Snyder
Stan Wine
Alternate Delegates
Andrew Sloin
Elizabeth Wollman

Bronx Community College
Sharon Utakis
Yasmin Edwards
Hisseine Faradj
Monique Guishard
Peter Kolozi
Diane Price
Alternate Delegates
Sophia Cantave
Allison Gorr
Nichole McDaniel
Maria Treglia

Brooklyn College
James Davis
Scott Dexter
Darryl Estey
Mobina Hashmi
Veronica Manlow
Timothy Shortell
Jocelyn Wills
Alex Vitale
Alternate Delegates
Heidi Diehl
Christopher Ebert
Madeline Fox
Greg Smithsimon

Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center
Felicia Wharton

City College
Carol Huang
Philip Barnett
Susan DiRaimo
Alan Feigenberg
Kathryn Gelsone
Kathlene McDonald
Alexander Punnoose
Gerardo Renique
Pamela Stemberg
Alternate Delegates
Joseph Davis
John Krinsky
Jack Levinson
Iris Lopez

College Laboratory Technicians
Albert Sherman
Syed Amir Abdali
Tracy Campbell
Ernts Gracia
Pedro Irigoyen
Amy Jeu
Fitz Richardson
Alternate Delegates
Jeanette Batiz
Ed Coppola
Sharif Elhakem

College of Staten Island
George Emilio Sanchez
Michael Batson
Jonathan Cope
John Lawrence
Ruth Silverberg
William Smith
Eleni Tournaki
Alternate Delegates
John Arena
Linda Revenson

CUNY Central Office
Julio Caragiulo

Graduate Center
Luke Elliott-Negri
Stephen Brier
Susan Fountain
Maya Harakawa
Marc Kagan
Penny Lewis
Ruth Milkman
Rosa Squillacote
Travis Sweatte
Anh Tran
Alternate Delegates
Chloe Asselin
Issac Jabola-Carolus
James Jasper
Stephanie Luce
Roxanne Shirazi
Lynne Turner

Alia Tyner-Mullings
Alternate Delegate
Kristina Baines

Higher Education Officers
Andrea Ades Vásquez (GC)
Anthony Andrews (York)
Andrew Bennett (Guttman CC)
Cynthia Bink (City Tech)
Lawrence Bosket (Brooklyn)
Shakia Brown (Medgar Evers)
Deborah Charles (Medgar Evers)
Arthur Ben Chitty (Queens)
Berkis Cruz-Eusebio (Hostos CC)
Iris Delutro (QC-SPS)
Zee Dempster (GC)
Myrlene Dieudonne (City Tech)
Michele Doney (Baruch)
John Gallagher (BMCC)
Sherrian Grant-Fordham (York)
Jennifer Harrington (Baruch)
Sharon Hawkins (York)
Paul Hiller (Baruch)
Nicholas Irons (Brooklyn)
Philippe Marius (College of Staten Island)
Graciano Matos (City College)
Keith Okrosy (Hunter)
Victoria O'Shea (Queensborough CC)
Geniece Pacifici-Elijalde (City College)
Gogie Padilla (GC-JS)
Albert Robinson (Bronx CC)
Samina Shahidi (SPS Murphy)
Arielle Shinder (City Tech)
Michele Stewart (LaGuardia CC)
Paul Washington (Medgar Evers)
Janet Winter (John Jay)
Alternate Delegates
Rachel Brown (JJAY)
Justyna Jagielnicka (BMCC)
Karen Johnson (Queens)
Mark Miller (Lehman)
Mary Murphy (CSI)

Hostos Community College
Lizette Colon
Marcella Bencivenni
Felipe Pimentel
Olga Steinberg
Alternate Delegates
Joan Beckerman
Jo-Ann Rover
Lauren Wolf

Hunter Campus Schools
Cristina Moore

Hunter College
Jeremy Glick
Tanya Agathocleous
Peter Dudek
Jennifer Gaboury
Tami Gold
Marlene Hennessy
Michael Lewis
Janet Neary
Christopher Stone
Blanca Vazquez
Alternate Delegates
Andrew Battle
Michael Fabricant

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Dan Pinello
Holly Clarke
Elizabeth Hovey
Susan Kang
Peter Mameli
Gerald Markowitz
Paul Narkunas
John Pittman
Ellen Sexton
Alternate Delegates
Ellen Belcher
Jonathan Epstein

Kingsborough Community College
Rina Yarmish
Susan Aranoff
Scott Cally
William Rooney
Dominic Wetzel
Eben Wood
Alternate Delegates
John Acosta
Michael Barnhart
Stephen Majewicz
Jacob Segal

LaGuardia Community College
Sigmund Shen
Carrie Conners
Francine Egger-Sider
Youngmin Seo
Nichole Shippen
Phyllis Van Slyck
Rachel Youens
Alternate Delegates
Hara Bastas
Tim Coogan
Sara Durand
James Giordano
Christopher McHale

Lehman College
Robert Farrell
Ayanna Alexander-Street
Diane Auslander
David Hyman
Abigail Mellen
Alternate Delegates
Eleanor Campbell
Thomas Conroy
Jennifer Poggiali

Manhattan Community College
Geoffrey Kurtz
Maria Del Donoso Macaya
Erik Freas
Deborah Gambs
Will Hutchison
Andrew Levy
Yolanda Medina
Hemalatha Navaratne
Kathleen Offenholley
George Stevenson
Brianne Waychoff
Alternate Delegates
Ines Carrera-Junco
Anthony Gronowicz
James Hoff
Heather James
Andrew Smallwood
Rebecca Smart

Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center
Karen Berry
Alternate Delegate
Lawrence Williams

Medgar Evers College
Clinton Crawford
Obasegun Awolabi
Alternate Delegates
Verna Green
David Hatchett
Iola Thompson

New York City College of Technology
Benjamin Shepard
Katie Albany
Kyle Cuordileone
Andrew Douglas
Reneta Lansiquot
Angela Loguercio
Sean MacDonald
Annie Ngana
Costas Panayotakis
Shauna Vey
Alternate Delegates
Laurel Kallen
Pat Rudden

Queens College
David Gerwin
Kevin Birth
Jonathan Buchsbaum
Nancy Foasberg
Edmund Leites
Richard Maxwell
Alternate Delegate
Joshua Freeman

Queensborough Community College
Edmund Clingan
Wally Rosenthal
Julian Stark

William Friedheim
Jacqueline DiSalvo
John Hyland
David Kotelchuck
Cecelia McCall
Eileen Moran
James Perlstein
Alternate Delegates
Miriam Balmuth
Judith Barbanel
Bob Cermele
Marva Lily
Robert Wurman

York College
Scott Sheidlower
Shirley Frank
Olajide Oladipo
Tonya Shearin-Patterson
Alternate Delegates
Ian Hansen
Rishi Nath
Kay Neale
Steven Weisblatt

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