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This Week in the PSC

February 23, 2024

Bargaining Update 11 | Informational Pickets, Mass Meeting

February 7th marked the 11th contract negotiation session. Nearly 30 PSC members joined the bargaining team at CUNY Central for what was both a constructive and frustrating meeting. CUNY management continued to bring forward proposals that would offload managerial responsibilities onto workers and erode job security for more titles. Other…

January 31, 2024

Bargaining Update 10 | Resisting Mid-year Cuts

At the first bargaining session in three months, with close to 60 members observing, the PSC bargaining team was finally able to regain momentum that was lost due to CUNY’s delays. The team put forward nine demands dealing mainly with matters of workload, equity, and professional respect. Management reported on…

January 11, 2024

New Bargaining Dates! | Opposing New Budget Cuts

New Bargaining Dates Set The PSC and CUNY management have agreed to three new bargaining dates: Friday, Jan 26, 2:30 – 5 PM (observers must attend from 2-5:30 PM), Location: PSC Office, 25 Broadway Wednesday, Feb 7, 1 – 5 PM (observers must attend from 12:30-5:30 PM), Location: CUNY Central…

December 20, 2023

Academic Freedom is the Union’s Fight

Academic Freedom is the Union's Fight, and All of Ours by PSC President James Davis Universities are entering a period of intensifying struggle over academic freedom and free speech. It is fueled primarily by disagreements over the war between Israel and Hamas, and the role of the US government in…

December 13, 2023

Ending $321M Tax Break for Columbia & NYU to Fund CUNY

Send A Letter In Support of Adjunct Job Security to the CUNY Chancellor Adjuncts deserve steady income and continued access to health insurance. They are due professional respect and fair treatment from CUNY. But management has sought to undermine the progress our union has made for adjuncts. Send a letter…

November 18, 2023

The CUNY Mayor Cuts CUNY Again | Defenses of Academic Freedom

AFT & AAUP Reaffirm Academic Freedom in Times of Strife   The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Executive Council passed a resolution last week: Condemning Hate and Affirming Freedom of Speech on Campus. Read the full resolution, which, among other things, resolves: “that the AFT will call on college and…

November 3, 2023

Bargaining Update 9 | The Chancellor Must Stand for Free Speech

Bargaining Update #9 At the Oct. 26 bargaining session, with 35 members observing, the PSC presented critical demands related to educational technology & distance learning. CUNY management presented demands to expand the number of non-tenure track full-time positions and the duration of their appointments, to remove protections from contractual disciplinary…

October 27, 2023

Stand for Freedom of Speech and Assembly at CUNY

Sing Out, Shout Out for #APeoplesCUNY Saturday, December 2, 1–3 PM Tell Us You Will Be There CUNY has been underfunded for too long, and budget cuts, understaffing and uncompetitive pay have been the results. Come Sing Out for increased CUNY funding at the Governor's Midtown office and Shout Out…

October 21, 2023

Sing Out, Shout Out | Bargaining Update 8

Sing Out, Shout Out for #APeoplesCUNY Saturday, December 2, 1–3 PM   Tell Us You'll Be There Make plans now to attend the biggest CUNY-wide contract campaign action of the Fall: Sing Out, Shout Out for #APeoplesCUNY, a resounding call for a better CUNY. Our great public university has been…

October 6, 2023

CUNY Board Hearing, 10/16 | Deadlines for supplemental insurance, sick leave bank

Public Hearing of the CUNY Board of Trustees Monday, October 16, 4:30 PM, City College Our Contract for #APeoplesCUNY campaign continues over the next five weeks with local campus actions and five borough-wide events. A demonstration of unity at the October 16th public hearing of the CUNY Board of Trustees…

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