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Bargaining Updates 15 & 16 | Budget Updates

Apr 28, 2024

Bargaining Updates 15 and 16

At the April 11th session, the PSC responded to the insufficiencies and problems with management’s comprehensive proposal, which works within the bounds set by other state and city unions in this bargaining round. President James Davis spoke to the problems with this approach. The proposed salary increases fall woefully behind the inflation we have experienced in recent years. The PSC has identified areas of value beyond the across-the-board raises in other public-sector contracts in this round and told CUNY management they are accountable for realizing that value for our members.

To begin the April 18th session, Davis reminded management that the state legislative session ends in June, PSC members have gone more than a year without a contract, and that the best effort must be made to reach a strong settlement quickly. To get there, he added, CUNY management must improve the economic package, withdraw concessionary demands and withdraw the proposed changes to the CUNY bylaws, as they are inconsistent with the contract. PSC also presented an economic counter proposal that would meet our members’ real needs. Read the full update for more details about both sessions and the union’s counter offer.



Observe Contract Bargaining


The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 at CUNY Central and Monday and Wednesday, April 13 and 15 in the PSC Union Hall. All dues-paying members are welcome to observe a bargaining session after completing an online orientation. If you have not yet attended an Orientation to PSC-CUNY Bargaining on Zoom, your next opportunity will be:

• Monday, May 13, 6:30-7:30pm. Register for the 5/13 Zoom.



Fair Contract for All!


We’ve had enough of management’s attacks on our job security and refuse to accept any more delays or inadequate economic offers. If you’re angry about the disrespect, stand with us for our students, our families and our university. Let us know you’ll attend one or both of the following events at CUNY Central (205 E. 42nd St.). It’s going to take increasingly militant actions to win the contract we deserve.


RSVP: MAY 2, 10AM                       RSVP: MAY 20, 4 PM



PSC Civil Disobedience Training
May 6, 6:30 PM, PSC Union Hall


The PSC’s success at the bargaining table depends on our solidarity, power and willingness to mobilize. We have employed strong table strategy, thorough research, effective public outreach and successful budget lobbying. All of those things matter. But we need more people power to continue escalating our campaign. If CUNY does not withdraw their regressive demands, the union may need to take more direct actions. Should that happen, the PSC’s practice is to prepare in an organized, intentional way and require members to attend a PSC training.

Join a training Monday, May 6 at 6:30 PM in the PSC Union Hall where we will prepare to safely and strategically risk arrest, if necessary, to advance our goals of fair pay, improved working conditions, all in defense of our students’ right to a quality education.



State Budget Results

A Win on Tier 6; No New Deal but Above Flat in a Tough Year

Thanks to your last minute phone calls, activism, and support, we’ve closed the state budget fight in a stronger position than expected only a week ago. As it became clear that the Governor would prevail in her refusal to raise taxes on large corporations and ultra-wealthy New Yorkers, the outlook dimmed. But in the end, significant gains were made on pensions, operating aid for CUNY, the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), and capital funding for CUNY facilities. Programmatic cuts in the Governor’s Executive Budget were also restored. Read the full report.



City Budget Update
No New Cuts; No Restorations


Mayor Eric Adams released his Executive Budget proposal for next fiscal year on Wednesday. The plan would restore some previous cuts to police, 3K programs and schools, but leaves in place prior cuts to CUNY, libraries and many other city agencies. The Daily News reports that Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Finance Chairman Justin Brannan oppose the continued underfunding and assert that there “is still more than $1 billion in revenue presently on hand to restore prior cuts.”

In response to the budget announcement, President Davis said, “Mayor Adams’ Executive Budget does nothing to restore the $94 million in cuts that CUNY’s community colleges have endured since the start of his tenure. Enrollment continues to rebound and the economic return on investment for CUNY graduates is clear. Yet, this Mayor – a two-time CUNY graduate – continues to walk away from the City’s obligation to support its university system, especially its two-year colleges that educate the very neighborhoods he claims to champion.”



Myths and Facts about NYC Employee Health Insurance


New York City plans to announce a new health insurance plan that will replace current plans that cover active employees, retirees under age 65, and their dependents. Expect a major change.

As soon as the contract for the new plan or plans is available, the PSC leadership and health team will provide you with as much information as we can about the details. But even before the new contract is made public, you may hear claims about it from the mayor’s office, other unions, and the media. The PSC leadership wants to help you sort the myths from the facts.



Statement on the Encampment at City College


Lawful student protests on any CUNY campus should not be met with NYPD arrests, including this week’s demonstration at City College. Administrators at City College and at colleges throughout the country can and must ensure students’ safety and prevent harassment on campus without resorting to the forcible removal of peaceful protestors.


Published: April 28, 2024 | Last Modified: May 3, 2024

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observe a bargaining session after attending an online orientation.
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