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Paid Parental Leave

Parents and children who took advantage of the leave benefit at a celebration at the PSC Union Hall, 10/24/09.

On December 8, 2011, the PSC and CUNY management signed a letter of agreement that provides for ongoing funding for paid parental leave. Money for the current benefit would otherwise have run out on December 31, 2011. Existing provisions of the benefit, which covers full-time faculty and staff in the PSC bargaining unit, thus remain in effect.

In the 2007-2010 contract, when the PSC won paid parental leave for the first time, the new benefit was created with a fixed amount of cash: paid parental leave was originally slated to end when that money ran out.

That has changed, and paid parental leave is now a regular part of the contractual benefit package for full-time employees in the bargaining unit after one year of service. The PSC and CUNY agreed that funding for the on-going benefit will be worked out in the context of the next collective bargaining agreement, which will be in effect from October 20, 2010, going forward.

Any employee who became eligible prior to January 2012 and did not exhaust their paid parental leave by that date will be now entitled to the full benefit without interruption.

The parental leave benefit provides for up to eight consecutive weeks of paid time off immediately after the birth or adoption of a new child. For a child’s birth mother, the period of paid leave begins immediately after the end of any approved temporary disability leave related to childbirth. Paid parental leave can also be prior to birth, if medically necessary, or prior to the estimated date of an adoption, if needed to fulfill an adoption’s legal requirements, such as foreign travel.

Procedures for using the benefit remain the same. Eligible employees who want to take paid parental leave must give notice of intent to do so by filing an application form at least 90 days prior to the estimated due date of a baby or the adoption placement date of a child with adoptive parents. The form must be filed with the employee’s Human Resources department, and it must include the signature of the employee’s department chair or unit head to confirm that the chair or unit head has been given notice.

As before, the benefit covers full-time CUNY employees in the PSC bargaining unit with at least a year of service. Also eligible are full-time teaching faculty who have completed at least two continuous semesters of teaching and will become parents during their period of annual leave. (Substitutes who do not have a regular, underlying annual appointment are not eligible.)

See the pages listed below or ask your HR office for details. If you have questions that your college HR department cannot answer, please contact our Contract Enforcement department.

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