Survey of CLTs & Impact of COVID-19

Please respond as soon as possible. Results will be presented at Virtual CLT Meeting on May 30, 2020.

Dear CLTs,

We are conducting a survey of CLTs to learn the impact COVID-19 has had on your work situation. Some CLTs have already reached out to me, our central union office, CLT campus reps, or local campus chapter chairs with questions and concerns. We have been successful in addressing most concerns, but there are still some lingering issues that need to be resolved.

As always, you have the right to discuss your situation with a PSC grievance counselor (phone: 212-354-1252; PSC office) and to learn of your rights and protections under the contract. Use of a non-CUNY email is preferred to maintain confidentiality.

We are urging all CLTs to complete the survey below. We are dealing with a moving target. As the situation evolves, new information is being sent to all affected from CUNY and PSC. If you have not been receiving emails from our union, please click here to update your membership information.

To your health,
Amy Jeu, Acting Chair, PSC CLT Chapter

Please put complete number in the following format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Current Situation

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(Please check all that apply.) Note: For flexible work arrangements, schedule start times must be between 7am-10am and schedule end times must be between 3pm-7pm.


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Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. You are highly valued and CUNY would not be able to accomplish its mission without you! We are going to get through this together. Also, thank you for being an active CLT and working towards advancing the CLT Chapter in the areas of solidarity, collective bargaining, demands, membership education, leadership training, and contract enforcement. Take care and be well!