Environmental Health and Safety

PSC Environmental Health and Safety (PSC EHS), a committee of the Executive Council, serves our members by helping to identify health, safety and environmental issues that could cause problems in our working environment. The committee (aka HS Watchdogs) work with members and with local chapters to investigate and motivate management to insure an environment free of occupational hazards. We believe that work should not be dangerous to our health, and that sustainable environments support sustainable (healthy) people.

A healthy and safe working environment is a right and not a privilege. Here are some of the ways that the PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs can help you and others in your chapter:

Providing training workshops in the following topic areas (tailored to your chapter’s problems):

  • Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) and the new WVP Standard
  • Preparing for and avoiding campus construction hazards
  • Know your health and safety rights in preparing for labor-management
  • meetings
  • Workload and stress; its health and safety implications
  • Anti-bullying

Arranging for speakers for meetings on topics including:

  • Green buildings
  • Sustainable campus environments
  • Workplace Violence Prevention standard (NY State)

Investigating campus problems and potential problem situations:

  • Walk through new buildings with chapter members when they are opening
  • Walk through specific areas on campus with chapter members to investigate reported problems
  • Walk through areas with chapter members to assess workplace violence hazards

Reporting Problems: Here are some of the problems commonly reported:

        -Noxious Odors
        -Sick Building Syndrome
        -Poor Ventilation: afternoon sleepiness

  • Air Quality problems, such as:
  • Molds and Water Stains
  • Blood or Body Fluid Spills; airborne pathogens, needles
  • Flaking Paint -- Exposed Asbestos
  • Chemical Hygiene Problems
  • Safety and Security Issues

If you have a problem on your campus, please report it immediately to your Building and Grounds Department and/or Security and copy your PSC Chapter Chairperson. CUNY campus administrations have online systems for reporting problems.

Send us a copy using this form or by emailing hswatchdogs@pscmail.org; or call us: 212-354-1252 ext. 208 and ask for the Environmental Health and Safety Desk.

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