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Article 35: CUNY Law School

35.1 Law School Series Salary Schedule

35.2 Individuals employed in the title Law School Lecturer shall not be employed more than five consecutive months in one academic year.

35.3 Individuals employed in the title Law School Library Professor, Law School Library Associate Professor or Law School Library Assistant Professor shall have 30 work days of annual leave, shall work a 35-hour week and shall have regular holidays with pay as follows:

(a) Independence Day
(b) Labor Day ‑ first Monday in September
(c)Thanksgiving Holiday ‑ fourth Thursday in November, Friday following
(d) Christmas Holiday ‑ December 24 and 25
(e) New Year’s Holiday ‑ December 31, January 1
(f) Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday – Third Monday in January
(g) Memorial Day ‑ The last Monday in May
(h) In addition, there shall be three unscheduled holidays in the period September 1 ‑ August 31 each year.
If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday which is not a regular work day it shall be observed on the Friday before or the Monday following as designated by the Law School or by the University or, at the option of the University, may be designated as an unscheduled holiday, to be taken following the holiday for which it is substituted but prior to the end of the fiscal year, with the prior approval of the employee’s supervisor. Professional Law School Library Staff shall be required to work Election Day, Lincoln’s Birthday and Presidents’ Day, for which they shall be remunerated in accordance with the assigned overtime rate.

The assigned overtime rates for the Professional Law School Library Staff shall be the Non‑teaching Adjunct rate listed in Article 24.

35.4 In accordance with the special nature of the instructional program of the Law School, individuals in HEO titles only in the Law School may be assigned teaching duties as a part of their regular 35-hour per week assignment. Individuals so assigned shall be released from their regular HEO duties for the number of classroom contact hours taught weekly and, in addition, a number of hours equal to the number of classroom contact hours taught per week.

35.5 The terms and conditions of employment for the titles in the CUNY Law School series shall be those contained in the Bylaws applicable to the Law School and the written policies of the University applicable to the Law School, and, in addition, only the following provisions of this agreement shall be applicable to the CUNY Law School Professorial Series:

Article 3 – Unit Stability
Article 4 – Union Dues and Membership
Article 8 – Non-Discrimination
Article 20 – Complaint, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure
Article 21 – Disciplinary Actions
Article 21A – Medical Separation Leave Procedure
Article 23.1 – Distinguished Professor**
23.4 – (Compensation for Distinguished Professors**)
Article 24.3 – Application of Salary Increases
Article 26 – Welfare Benefits
Article 27 – Retirement
Article 27A – Voluntary Phased Retirement Program
Article 38 – Workers’ Compensation
Article 39 – Occupational Safety and Health
Article 40 – No Strike Pledge
Article 41 – Legislative Action
Article 42 – 2017-2023 Financial Provisions

** Article 23.1 and 23.4 ‑ Law School Professors shall be eligible for nomination as Distinguished Professors.

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