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Research Foundation Field Units Memorandum of Agreement 2021

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Memorandum of Agreement

On this _ day of July 2021, the Research Foundation of the City University of New York (“RF” or the “Employer”) and the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY (“PSC” or the “Union”) agree to enter new collective bargaining agreements (“CBA”) for the Research Foundation Field Employees bargaining units at the Graduate Center (“GC”), LaGuardia Community College (“LaGCC”) and New York City College of Technology (“NYCCT”) with the following terms:

  1. Duration.  The term of the CBA will be from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024.  The current collective bargaining agreement between the RF and the PSC, together with all existing amendments and memoranda of agreement (the “2018 CBA”), is extended through ratification of the new agreement.
  2. The Union agrees to include language in Art. 1.1 in LaGCC and GC CBAs (to conform LaGCC/GC bargaining units with NYCCT) that specifies that the PSC represents only employees who work 4 or more hours per week.
  3. RF will agree to provide the dues/agency fee authorization form to new employees at the same time as other onboarding documents provided by HR, but not collect authorization forms.  RF will instruct new employees to contact the Union for further enrollment information. 
  4. The RF agrees to provide monthly reports on bargaining unit members and dues/agency fee deduction and to replace the language in Article 5 “on a quarterly basis (on or about January 31, April 30, July 31, October 31” with “on a monthly basis (on or about the last day of each month.”
  5. In the event of a holiday or other closures on an hourly employee’s regularly scheduled workday, a) supervisors shall make every effort to offer an alternative schedule in accordance with the employee’s request and b) the employee may decline an alternative schedule. An employee who declines an alternative schedule is not entitled to pay for work declined.

Hourly employees may request changes to their regular schedule; such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.

Full time employees may request that their hours in any given week be scheduled in other than 7-hour days and/or take place in fewer than a 5-day period. Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied. Denial shall not be subject to the full grievance process but shall be subject to Article 14 “Informal Procedures.”

  1. Wages. All employees covered by this agreement shall receive percentage wage increases on each of the following effective dates. 

Effective July 1, 2021:  Wage Increase 2% or $.60/hr for employees earning less than $20 per hour

Effective October 1, 2022:  Wage Increase 2% or $.60/hr for employees earning less than $20 per hour

Effective October 1, 2023:  Wage Increase 2% or $.60/hr for employees earning less than $20 per hour

  1. Employees in Part-Time A status (more than 19 hours/week but fewer than 35 hours/week) and employees in concurrent Part-Time B status that add up to more 19 hours/week shall be eligible to enroll in the individual dental insurance, and flex spending and dependent care accounts on the same basis as full-time employees, effective January 1, 2022.
  2. The contract will be updated to reflect RF policy that reimbursement for job-related courses (as attested to by the Principal Investigator/Project Director) is not dependent upon matriculated status.
  3. Article 9.1 will be amended to raise the employee contribution rate for health insurance plan premiums from 19% to 21%.
  4. The language “and unscheduled holidays” will be eliminated from the last sentence of the first paragraph of Article 7.6, #2 to reflect the fact that there is not a shared list of unscheduled holidays.
  5. The PSC and the RF agree to create and convene a working group to develop methods for addressing bullying in the workplace.
  6. Ratification. This MOA is subject to ratification by the Union membership and the Board of the RF.


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