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Article 6: Reassigned Time

6.1 Reassigned time for the handling of grievances and implementation of this Agreement shall be granted:
(a) to designees of PSC to a maximum aggregate for all campuses (including the Central Office) of 123 classroom contact hours for each semester. 120 hours shall be apportioned amongst the various colleges of The City University of New York with a minimum of 3 hours to be apportioned to each college.
(b) to an officer of the PSC, full time.

6.2 Any designee under 6.1(a), who is a non‑teaching member of the Instructional Staff, may be granted a maximum of one day reassigned time each week from August 30 until the day after the Spring commencement of the academic year. The reassigned time granted to such designee(s) of the PSC during the Spring semester may be continued during the period from the day subsequent to the Spring commencement of the college through August 29 up to a maximum aggregate for all colleges (including the Central Office) of two days of reassigned time each week without further charge. Reassigned time for additional designees during the period from the day subsequent to the Spring commencement until August 29 may be purchased by the PSC in accordance with Section 6.5 below. For purposes of this article, a day of reassigned time shall be the equivalent of six classroom contact hours.

6.3 The names of such PSC designees shall be supplied in writing to the President of each college, with a copy to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Labor Relations, no later than prior to the Spring commencement preceding the beginning of the fall semester and no later than two months preceding the beginning of the spring semester for which such reassigned time is sought. No member of the Instructional Staff who is not a full‑time employee in this unit may be eligible for such reassigned time.

6.4 Such reassigned time may not be used to solicit PSC membership. Effective August 25, 2016, neither PSC grievance counselors nor PSC principle officers may serve as a Department Chairperson.

6.5 Consistent with the proper staffing of college and university programs and services, the University will permit the PSC to purchase reassigned time for additional designees. Such reassigned time shall be purchased at the adjunct rate appropriate to the designee. The amount of reassigned time under this paragraph shall be subject to agreement between the parties.

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