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Article 36: Resident Series

36.1 Resident Series Per Credit Hour Rates

(a) To be eligible for appointment to these titles a person must be a member of the Instructional Staff of The City University of New York at the time of application for the position, at least 55 years of age and eligible for service or age retirement, and must retire prior to the appointment to the position.

(b) To be eligible to receive appointment in these titles the individual meeting the above requirements shall have first exhausted retirement leave benefits under Section 3107 of the Education Law. Appointment to these titles shall be discretionary with the Board of Trustees on recommendation of the college and be made only where educationally and financially advantageous to the instructional unit and college.

(c) Incumbents in this title series will be eligible to receive a movement within schedule on the January first of each year following completion of at least ten (10) full months of service. The salary rates are set forth in the salary schedule of section 36.1.

36.2 The title assigned to the individual shall correspond to the title held prior to retirement:

Professor Resident Professor
Associate Professor Resident Associate Professor
Assistant Professor Resident Assistant Professor
Instructor Resident Instructor
Lecturer Resident Lecturer

36.3 Appointment in the Resident Series shall be for a semester or academic year. The duration of employment in the resident series titles shall not exceed three years.

36.4 The conditions of such employment shall be as follows:

(a) Persons holding a title in the Resident Series may teach no more than the lesser of two courses or six credit hours during each academic year.

(b) The assignment of courses shall be within the discretion of the departmental chairperson and/or other properly authorized college official.

(c) The assignment of courses shall be within the range of offerings previously taught by the Resident staff member, but no resident staff member shall have a claim to teach a particular course.

(d) Appointment to Resident Series Titles shall be subject to sufficiency of student enrollment and financial ability.

(e) Disputes arising under the provisions of this resolution for early retirement shall be subject to section 20.3 hereof, with an appeal permitted to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.

(f) An individual who accepts early retirement under this plan shall retain faculty prerogatives under the Bylaws, except that no such person may serve as chairperson, in an excluded management title, or serve on a departmental personnel and budget committee or other personnel committee.

(g) Acceptance of a Resident series title shall not preclude the individual from receiving benefits under the PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund to which he/she is otherwise entitled as a retiree.

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