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Article 30: Facilities and Services

30.1 The parties recognize the importance to the proper functioning of the University of providing adequate space, facilities and services for the instructional staff.

30.2 To the extent that suitable space is available, each full‑time member of the instructional staff shall have a desk, a chair, a file cabinet, and a book shelf, and adjunct instructional staff shall have access to desk and file space.

30.3 Subject to appropriate governmental approval of Master Plans providing for the same, design specifications for the construction of new facilities for the use of members of the instructional staff shall provide for:

(a) A minimum of 120 square feet of office space for the use of each full‑time member of the faculty for whose use the facility is designed;

(b) An office desk, chair, file drawers, a telephone and book shelves for each full‑time member of the faculty;

(c) Dining facilities and an Instructional Staff lounge on each campus; and

(d) Appropriate facilities for adjuncts. On campuses where capacity exists, teaching adjunct instructional staff will be provided with a CUNY e-mail address. The colleges will use their best efforts to provide teaching adjunct instructional staff with voicemail and, where feasible, to include them in department directories.

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