Appendix L: Labor-Management Committees

The parties agreed to establish the following labor-management committees:

Teaching Load Reduction

Under the current collective bargaining agreement, the annual contractual workload for undergraduate teaching is among the highest of peer institutions. The University and the Professional Staff Congress (“PSC”) are committed to a shared goal of reducing the annual undergraduate teaching contact hour workload for full-time classroom teaching members of the instructional staff by 3 teaching contact hours. This reduction will allow for additional time for such activities as student and academic advisement, office hours, academic research and such other activities that allow the University to improve our students’ success and outcomes. The proposed reduction would be subject to the recommendation of a joint University and PSC labor-management committee, which will be convened no later than October 1, 2016. The labor-management committee will develop a plan for implementing the reduction and identifying resources to cover the costs. The University and the PSC agree that the implementation of these recommendations will occur no later than the ratification of the successive collective bargaining agreement to the 2010-2017 collective bargaining agreement.

Business School Salary Schedules

The parties agree to convene a labor-management committee to examine and make recommendations regarding the current full-time and part-time salary schedules at the business schools at CUNY colleges.

CUNY Language Immersion Program and CUNY Start

The parties shall convene a labor-management committee to discuss appointment/non-reappointment letters, notification dates and personnel files.

Online Classroom Teaching Observations

A labor-management committee will be established to develop contract language governing online classroom teaching observations.

Undergraduate Tuition Waivers

A labor-management committee will be established to examine the current use of undergraduate tuition waivers provided to full-time members of the instructional staff under Article 29. The committee will explore a limited delegation of the current benefit through a pilot program that will allow full-time instructional staff to transfer certain benefits to a dependent child.