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Key City Council Hearing on Monday, January 9

Posts by Bill

January 4, 2023

January 5, 2023

James Davis: An Urgent Request on NYC Health Benefits

January 4, 2023 Dear PSC members and retirees, Happy New Year! I am writing with another update on New York City health benefits and an urgent request. The City Council has scheduled a critical vote on changing the NYC Administrative Code. This change would clear the path for the City…

December 30, 2022

PSC/CUNY Proposal for NYC Employee Health Benefits Program

December 30, 2022 The recommendations offered by Martin Scheinman on the future of healthcare for New York City retirees and employees present a false choice: either the City must force NYC retirees into private, for-profit Medicare Advantage or it must impose monthly healthcare premiums. These are not the only options.…

December 23, 2022

Arbitrator’s decision on healthcare could impact PSC members, retirees

December 22, 2022 Dear PSC member, Last week arbitrator Martin Scheinman issued a decision on NYC retiree healthcare that could have major implications for PSC members, both retired and active. I am writing with an update, and ask that you stay in touch with your City Council representative on this issue. If…

November 17, 2022

Annual Fall Health Benefits Transfer Period

The Fall 2022 Annual Health Benefits Program Transfer Period for all NYC Employees and Retirees (including CUNY) is November 1, 2022 through November 30, 2022. Health plan changes requested during the Transfer Period will be effective January 1, 2023. Employees:  Click here for details. Retirees: Click here for details.

September 1, 2022

Three Special Chapter Elections

Notice of special elections at Bronx EOC, Brookyn EOC and Medgar Evers OCTOBER 14, 2, 5:00 PM – Deadline for filing a signed Candidate Declaration OCTOBER 21 – Pre-printed nominating petitions will be available upon request NOVEMBER 4, 5:00 PM – Deadline for completed nominating petitions to be received NOVEMBER…

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