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PSC will continue to fight to preserve premium-free medigap insurance

PSC Raises Key Issue in Hearing on Aetna Medicare Advantage Contract

Surprised to discover that the Aetna contract provides an option for NYC retirees to stay in traditional Medicare

In his testimony about the proposed Medicare Advantage contract delivered on March 21 during a telephone hearing hosted by the NYC Office of Labor Relations, PSC President James Davis, said:

“We were surprised to discover that the Aetna contract provides an option for retires to stay in traditional Medicare, with a supplemental plan paid for by the City.  Retirees and their unions have been told otherwise for months: that the Medicare supplemental plan (Senior Care for most retirees) had to be eliminated, or Aetna would not provide their Medicare Advantage program. This was reasserted in the March 9 meeting at which the Municipal Labor Committee voted to okay the contract. Now we learn that one of the most important provisions of the contract was misrepresented.  The City has a moral obligation to elect the option, expressly permitted by the contract, to preserve the option for retirees to retain traditional Medicare plus a supplemental plan, paid for by the City, as they have for decades. PSC will continue to fight for that option for NYC retirees. In its proposals to the Mayor and the City Council, the PSC has identified funds that could cover the cost of this option.” Read the full testimony.

Every speaker at the hearing opposed the Aetna Medicare Advantage contract. Davis was the only labor leader to testify.  Every other speaker was a NYC retiree.
Reas PSC’s letter to NYC Council mmbers about :Option C.”   in the Aetna Medicare Advantage contract, which would allow for the continuation of free Senior Care. 

Published: March 21, 2023 | Last Modified: March 24, 2023

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