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Updated: May 16, 2022
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FAQs about PSC–CUNY Agreement on Medical and Religious Exemptions to the Vaccine Mandate

The PSC and CUNY are in the process of negotiating the implementation of CUNY’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Despite not having completed the negotiations, we wanted to provide clarification about the part on which we have reached agreement with CUNY: the medical and religious exemption criteria and procedures. The deadline to submit an exemption request is May 18. The Board of Trustees passed a resolution mandating COVID-19 vaccination for PSC-represented employees in January 2022, pursuant to a policy directive from Governor Hochul. CUNY is legally required to negotiate the implementation of the vaccine mandate with the PSC. The PSC supports the scientific consensus that vaccination is a critical, proven component of a layered strategy to mitigate the harm from COVID-19, a global pandemic that has had devastating consequences in New York City and around the world. At the same time, our role as a union is to make sure that our members who do not wish to or cannot be vaccinated are treated fairly and equitably. Moreover, to date CUNY has extended the COVID-19 vaccine mandate only to employees in the Executive Compensation Plan and those represented by the PSC, not to other employees, creating a real inconsistency with consequences for both the public health outcomes of the policy and the negotiations in which we are engaged.





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