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Home » Political Power » This Week in the PSC (04.21.21): Statement on the Verdict in the Trial for the Murder of George Floyd

This Week in the PSC (04.21.21): Statement on the Verdict in the Trial for the Murder of George Floyd

PSC Statement Released Last Night on the Verdict in the Trial for the Murder of George Floyd

The members of the PSC join in relief and somber celebration of today’s guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. We extend our solidarity to the family and community of George Floyd, to the anti-racist activists who held the Minneapolis square where he was murdered for more than a year, to the millions of people who rose up to demand justice, and to the brave witnesses and members of the jury who rendered the verdict. We also renew our commitment to each other and our students in this complicated moment; even the emphatic statement of Chauvin’s guilt cannot undo the trauma of witnessing George Floyd’s murder and recalling all the murders of Black people that did not end in conviction. Read the full statement.

March to #FreeTheFunds


Albany has increased funding for CUNY and Congress has allocated more than $900 million in stimulus funds to CUNY colleges for institutional expenses related to the pandemic.

We’re marching next Wednesday, April 28 at 4 PM from the CUNY Graduate Center to the CUNY administration building to put Chancellor Matos Rodríguez and his administration on notice: No excuses for fake austerity!

The Chancellor must #FreeTheFunds and use the stimulus money to rehire laid-off adjuncts, to restore class sizes and course offerings to pre-pandemic levels and to protect the health and safety of CUNY students and workers.

PSC Endorses Scott Stringer as Top Choice for Mayor

PSC endorsed Scott Stringer Dianne Morales for Mayor 2021_fb.png

Last week the PSC announced that Scott Stringer is our top choice for New York City Mayor after a ranked-choice endorsement vote by the Delegate Assembly. Stringer’s advocacy for a free and fully funded CUNY education and his record of support for workers’ rights and progressive causes helped him secure the union’s endorsement.

PSC delegates voted to support public education leader and non-profit administrator Dianne Morales as the union’s second-ranked candidate. Read more.

April Pay Dates for Lump Sum Raises for Assistants to HEO & Lecturers

Chancellor Announces Intention to Pay 2% Raises, But No Pay Dates

CUNY Honor our contract.jpg

CUNY has informed the PSC and CUNY HR Directors that both the $1,000 lump sum payment to Assistants to HEO and the $1,500 lump sum payment to faculty in full-time Lecturer titles (which include CLIP and CUNY Start Instructors) will be paid on 4/22/21 for senior college employees and 4/30/21 for community college employees.

We should never have had to fight so hard to ensure a gain we had already won. But we did have to fight, and it again showed that we have a strong union that can quickly mobilize thousands of members to demand what’s right. The agreement to pay the lump sums was signed by the Chancellor hours before a planned demonstration outside his suburban home.

On April 14 the Chancellor informed CUNY employees of his intention to move forward with the 2% across-the-board raises that are owed to all PSC-represented workers. His letter did not include dates for when the raises will appear in paychecks or for when the retroactive pay going back to November 15, 2020 will be paid. The PSC leadership is pressing management and City and State officials for the raises and back pay to be paid as soon as possible.

Send a Message to the Chancellor:
CUNY Must Stop Shortchanging Retirees!

932 CUNY retirees are being shortchanged on their pensions because the University has failed to submit correct payroll information to the Teachers Retirement System (TRS). Send this letter to the Chancellor demanding that the correct payroll information be submitted.

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