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Fight for Full State Funding of CUNY FY 2023

Investments in the CUNY will strengthen our economy and increase economic mobility for low income New Yorkers and people of color while targeting investment to the communities most harmed by COVID.

#APeoplesCUNY #NewDeal4CUNY

PSC members elevated the New Deal for CUNY, and our perseverance and sense of possibility raised public awareness and pressure on elected officials to support public higher education. As a result, while it doesn’t include all that we wanted, this state budget represents the largest year-over-year increase in funding to CUNY in decades, breaking with the austerity of recent years, and setting us on a path to make critical advances.

The enacted budget includes major additional expenditures above the previous year.

$122 million in new recurring operating aid to CUNY, including funding to

  • hire 540 new full-time faculty across the system
  • close the TAP gap this year
  • increase the SEEK program investment, and
  • support childcare centers on all CUNY campuses
  • $40 million in one-time operating aid to CUNY senior and community colleges
  • $67 million to cover CUNY employee fringe benefits
  • $1 million to enhance student mental health services
  • $1 billion in new capital funding, to improve CUNY’s physical infrastructure
  • Expansion of TAP to part-time students
  • Restoration of TAP to incarcerated individuals

These are significant commitments – all made without raising tuition! By organizing together, alongside the CUNY Rising Alliance, we displaced the longtime model of accompanying any major investment in CUNY with tuition hikes for students.




State Budget

New Deal for CUNY:


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