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$500 prize


The New York Metro Labor Communications Council is offering a $500 prize for work by undergraduate and graduate students on the theme:

“The 2020 Elections and My Life/My Community”

The country is about to elect a president in November; additional state and local elections will take place. How will this impact your life and/or the life of your community/communities? What issues are most important to you and are candidates talking about them? You are encouraged to write or make a short video or audio recording about the impact of these elections on you—as a student, a worker, and that of your family or community.

The prize is given to the student whose work touches our emotions and/or brings insight to this issue. The prize will be awarded for a written article of approximately 1,200 words, or for a video or audio report of 2-6 minutes in length. The topic is wide open for you to explore.

Application Deadline: May 4

Please include your name and the school you are attending. Students do not need to be journalism majors.
For more information or to email entries, write to

The Metro New York Labor Communications Council (Metro) includes union communications professionals who work for the city’s public and private-sector unions and other organizations representing working people.