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June 2013

In a referendum on Pathways, the CUNY administration’s overhaul of general education, 92% said they have “no confidence” in the new curriculum. More than 60% of the 7,202 eligible voters took part in the referendum among full-time faculty, which was conducted by the American Arbitration Association at the request of the PSC. “The vote is a stunning rebuke to the Pathways curriculum and the coercive measures used to impose it,” said PSC President Barbara Bowen.
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As Graduate Center President William Kelly prepared to become CUNY’s Interim Chancellor on July 1, Clarion spoke with faculty and students at the GC about Kelly's record there.

Participants in TIAA-CREF and similar retirement plans at CUNY now have a new retirement option: phased retirement. Find out if it’s right for you.

On January 1, Chancellor Goldstein became chairman of the board of the J.P. Morgan Funds. How much corporate involvement is too much?
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