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State Budget Debate: Grassroots Lobby Days To Fight for CUNY

CUNY faculty and staff have even more than usual at stake in the union’s legislative campaign this year because funding for future contractual increases may be affected by our fight. PSC plans an intense, all-out effort to gain new “maintenance-of-effort” legislation: a law that guarantees that inflationary costs, such as collective bargaining increases, are included in State funding for the public universities year to year. The PSC, NYSUT and UUP, our counterpart union at SUNY, are working put an end to the annual cycle of real-dollar budget cuts that weaken public higher education in New York State. To join our Albany efforts contact Amanda Magalhaes at or 212-354-1252.

NYSUT Higher Education Lobby Day:
Wed. Feb. 25 (evening) - Thurs. Feb. 26

Student-Faculty Higher Education Lobby Day:
Thurs. Feb. 26

NYSUT Committee of 100:
Mon. Mar. 2 (evening) - Tues. Mar. 3