Clarion Masthead

February 2018

In December, the union announced a historic agreement with CUNY to reduce the teaching load for full-time faculty. The plan gives instructors more time to mentor and support students, and more time for research.

The PSC and its allies went to Albany to demand the reversal of the historic disinvestment of public higher education by the state.

The union's revenue comes almost entirely from membership dues. That money is used to fund campaigns and resources that build the membership's collective power.

A PSC member takes a critical look at the history of CUNY admissions. Armed with data, he calls for changes in the current policy.

The far right has targeted Hunter College sociologist Jessie Daniels for her writing and social media activity. She responds to the firestorm.

A CUNY student who had a family member detained by ICE turned to professors and staff at KCC for guidance and help. The family member was eventually released.

PSC activists visit fellow members at their homes as the recommitment campaign steps up in the face of Janus v. AFSCME