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August 2012

“HEOs are the engine of the University,” says Paul Washington, vice chair of the PSC’s Higher Education Officer chapter – the union’s largest. Because their responsibilities are so diverse, the critical role that HEOs play at CUNY is often less visible to others. Clarion spoke with five HEOs about the work they do.

Members of the PSC’s negotiating team have been meeting on adjunct health care with representatives of CUNY management throughout the summer, and they report that they are close to a final agreement.

With support from the PSC, the University Faculty Senate has begun work to develop an alternative to Pathways, CUNY’s controversial overhaul of its policies on general education and transfer. The move is just one part of a broader strategy by the union and the UFS.
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For months, Québec's students have been on strike against a proposed tuition hike. The conflict has turned into a broader protest against repressive legislation and the Québec government's overall austerity agenda.