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Contract highlights

  • Breakthrough on adjunct pay– the biggest gain in equity in the union’s history
  • Salary increases across the board of more than 10% by November 2022
  • Two retroactive pay increases
  • Pay for teaching adjuncts restructured: minimum for a three-credit course rises by the end of the contract to $5,500 (an increase of 71%), four-credit course to $6,875
  • Adjunct workload restructured to include paid office hours for every course, resulting in increases of up to 39% per course next semester
  • Additional salary increases for equity: full-time CLT titles, all Lecturer titles, and Assistants to HEO
  • Across-the-board salary increases also applied to EOCs and Continuing Ed faculty
  • Graduate employee health insurance funding and tuition waivers expanded
  • Committee to implement paid family leave for full-time and part-time employees
  • Improved funding and firm time frames for HEO differential awards
  • First-ever contractual language on online teaching, union participation in University technology committee
  • Travel funds under the contract doubled
  • Research support for department chairs, starting 2021
  • Increased funding for professional development funds for adjuncts, Continuing Ed faculty, CLTs and HEOs
  • Access to professional development grants for non-teaching adjuncts
  • Pilot program on payment of stipends for specific projects
  • Additional agreement to conduct labor-management campaign against workplace bullying
  • Welfare Fund funding increased, supporting further benefit enhancements
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