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Are You a Union Member?


From a quick glance at your CUNY paystub, you may not know whether you’re a union member or not. It’s hard to decipher all the codes and abbreviations, but we’ve created a quick guide on how to figure it out. If you are not a member, you cannot vote on important workplace and union matters, like contract ratification or in the upcoming union-wide elections next Spring.

Member Or Fee-Payer?

Just because you see a fee being taken out of your paycheck doesn’t mean that you’re a union member who pays dues.

Non-members, who are also known as fee-payers, pay an “agency fee” as required by law, to cover the union’s costs of representing all employees in the bargaining unit. (See this article for a more detailed discussion.)

Senior college paystubs, which come from New York State, are different from community college paychecks, which are issued by the City of New York. Here’s a guide to what to look for on each, to determine if you’re currently a PSC member:

Community Colleges

You can look at the “Description” column of your paycheck to verify whether or not you’re a union member. If you are a PSC member, the code for union dues is PROF STF C-U (Professional Staff Congress – Union dues). If you are a fee-payer, and thus not a union member, your paystub will read PRO STF CON. This can be confusing, since the two notations are almost the same. But if there is no “U” in the notation, you are not yet a PSC member.

02 paycheck-1REV -CS.jpg

Senior Colleges

You can look at the “After Tax Deductions” column on your paystub to check if you’re a member. For union members in full-time positions, this will read “PSC Dues.” “PSC A/S” is listed for fee-payers or non-members in full-time positions. “Adjunct Dues PSC” describes Adjuncts and CETs who are union members. “Adjunct A/S” describes non-members who are adjuncts or CETs. Basically, if you have A/S in this area, you are not a PSC member.

02 paycheck-2REV.jpg

Becoming a Union Member

You can become a union member simply by signing a union card. Call the PSC office at (212) 354-1252 and ask the membership department to send you a card.

Above, where to look on senior college (top) or community college (bottom) paystubs to see if you are a PSC member.

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