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Letters to the Editor


‘Military Science’ Is to Science As…

In my opinion, students should not be prevented from free association with any legal organization/entity that has the purpose of enhancing their professional development and increasing their prospects for a better career. In addition to ROTC, I hope that the federal government would also create and fund similar college programs to train students for potential careers in the Peace Corps, the Teach for America Corps, a Public Health Corps, a Social Workers Corps, etc. However, I see all these programs as strictly extracurricular activities. My endorsement for externally sponsored programs stops at the classroom door.

It is, of course, within the purview of these entities to issue their members any certification, badges, decorations they choose. However, the college has the obligation to make clear that none of these credentials are issued by nor have the endorsement of the college.

In the event that any of these externally sponsored extracurricular programs wishes to have any of its intellectually rigorous activities included in the college catalogue as a formal course, its listing under an academic department’s offerings would require the same approvals as any other new course added to the curriculum. The oversight of an approved course and the selection of its instructor shall be, as per CUNY Bylaws, the responsibility of the listing academic department chair. Enrollment in the course shall be open to all students with the appropriate prerequisites.

But an independent Military Science Department has no place on campus.

Jamal Manassah
City College

Ed. note: For recent discussion on ROTC at CUNY, see the September and November issues of Clarion.

Research Associates and Time Sheets

In your Clarion article on the new CUNY time sheets (November 2013), you neglected to state that the new time sheet system applies to CUNY Research Associates as well as HEOs and CLTs.

RAs also have to fill out these ridiculous time sheets – although as active researchers, we frequently stay late, come in on weekends, and write papers and proposals at home.

CUNY, and unfortunately sometimes the PSC, frequently forgets the existence of CUNY RAs. There are about 35 of us at CCNY, and a few dozen on other campuses.

Al Katz
City College

Clarion Editor Peter Hogness responds: While we aim for Clarion’s coverage to be as inclusive as possible for the more than 20,000 members of the PSC bargaining unit, sometimes – as in this case – we fall short. Thanks for taking the time to write and raise awareness.

Research Associates who would like to get involved in the union petition campaign on the new time-sheet system can contact PSC Organizing Director Deirdre Brill ([email protected] or 212-354-1252).

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