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Union Files Lawsuit Against Pathways


On March 20, the PSC filed a lawsuit to stop CUNY’s Pathways initiative. Plaintiffs in the suit include Barbara Bowen as head of the PSC, University Faculty Senate Chair Sandi Cooper and UFS Vice Chair Terrence Martell. The lawsuit’s legal team includes PSC Director of Legal Affairs Peter Zwiebach and the law firms of Meyer, Suozzi, English, & Klein, and Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady.

The suit charges that Pathways violates a settlement agreement reached in 1997 between CUNY, on the one hand, and the PSC and University Faculty Senate leaders on the other. That agreement reaffirms that the CUNY faculty, through the UFS and the college faculty senates and councils, are responsible for the formulation of policy relating to curriculum, the awarding of college credit, the granting of degrees and other academic matters.

The lawsuit argues that the CUNY administration exceeded its authority in matters of curriculum and failed to follow university bylaws and faculty governance procedures in the development of Pathways.

Court papers may be viewed online. A union statement on the filing of the lawsuit is here.

The PSC “will also support a lawsuit to be brought by students at a later date,” said Bowen, “focused on the harm Pathways will do to their education at CUNY.”



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