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PSC Rally across the Brooklyn Bridge

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Inside the State Capitol for Higher Education

CUNY and SUNY supporters rally inside the State Capitol on March 14, exerting grassroots pressure for a funding increase.

As Clarion went to press, the New York Senate and Assembly were moving toward passage of an on-time budget, expected to include some additional support for CUNY. The final budget was likely to provide for an increase in State base aid for CUNY community colleges of $150 per full-time equivalent (FTE) student, bringing the total to $2,272 per FTE.

The PSC welcomed the anticipated increase, though it fell short of the union’s request to restore community college base aid to its 2008-09 level, adjusted for inflation, an increase of $685 per FTE.

The governor’s budget proposal had maintained current levels of State support for CUNY without cuts for the first time in three years, and included funding for mandatory cost increases. That included funding for health insurance for eligible adjuncts, and this is maintained in the current budget agreement. For updates on the budget’s final passage, check



PSC Urges City to Boost Funds for CUNY Community Colleges

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Call Governor Hochul & Legislative Leaders: Urge them to deliver a final budget with big increases for CUNY