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Contract Negotiations Update


In the urgency of responding to Pathways, it might be easy to lose sight of another urgent union issue – negotiating a new contract. But the PSC leadership continues to focus intently on contract negotiations.

  • There is still no economic offer from CUNY, and the economic offers made to other public-sector unions in New York State and New York City remain punitive: They call for wage freezes, increased health care costs, furloughs and other givebacks. That is not the kind of “offer” we want.
  • Working in Albany and City Hall, the PSC is challenging the claim that “New York is broke” and “can’t afford” decent contracts. New York is not broke; the shortfall of revenue and the attack on public workers are the result of policy decisions – and policies can be changed.
  • The union bargaining team also understands that CUNY faculty and staff cannot wait forever for a new contract. We are prepared to begin economic bargaining the moment it is strategic to do so.
  • The union continues to make progress in noneconomic talks with CUNY management. Among the issues under discussion is the formation of a “bank” of sick days, to which members could contribute and on which they could draw in times of serious and protracted illness.
  • Clarion will provide updates on the contract as talks develop. And as always, the bargaining team will need your support when we enter into intense economic negotiations.

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