CCNY LM Meeting

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - 10:30am
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Agenda items for LM meeting on November 23rd at 10:30 (pre-meeting at 9:30):

  1. Increasing Workload - Faculty are leaving and not being replaced. Faculty are losing College administrative staff. (Carla/Nancy)
  2. Aaron Davis Hall-Buckled Floor, Mold in theatres, No Security Guard (Yvette Spellman)
  3. Marshak Mold 12th floor (Mahesh)
  4. Plans for Hyflex classes (Pam)
  5. Percentage of in-person classes overall/Departmental - Each department is supposed to have at least 70%, in-person classes. What is the flexibility in the in-person class percentage? What are the rollback plans for in-person if the COVID rates rise?
  6. Ventilation Data - Expected response date to PSC Taylor Law/FOIL request is November 29, 2021. Will we be getting the CCNY data as well as the CUNY data?
  7. Part-time Faculty Payroll Advance? What is the status of that request?
  8. Temporary Workers - Are temporary workers being used elsewhere in the college? (Carlos)
  9. Enrollment - Update on spring enrollment
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