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In-House Grievance Counselors

Counselors for Full-Time Faculty

Please refer to the Chapter Grievance Counselors page to find your local Grievance Counselor. Unless otherwise noted, grievance counselors are faculty or staff at a CUNY campus. If you would like to speak to an In-House Counselor please see the options listed below.

Carla Cappetti [email protected]

Victoria Chevalier [email protected]

Howard Prince [email protected]

Counselors and Advisors for HEO Series

Campus HEO Advisors

Baruch College: Darryl Minor [email protected]
Bronx Community College: Christina Randall [email protected]
Brooklyn College: Larry Bosket [email protected]
City College: Carlos Parker [email protected]
Graduate Center: Zee Dempster [email protected]
Hostos Community College: Lisanette Rosario [email protected]
Hunter College: Keith Okrosy [email protected]
KCC: Peter Santiago [email protected]
Lehman: Takiyah Ali [email protected]
LaGCC: Donniece Davis [email protected]
Medgar Evers: Angela Eustace [email protected]
Queens College: Maria Cristina Teran [email protected]
Queensborough Community College: Jeffrey Ballerini [email protected]

In-House HEO Counselors

Greg Douros, Coordinator of Contract Administration
[email protected]

CUNY Central, Guttman, CUNY Law School, York/QEOC
Mitchell Manning, Full-time Grievance Counselor
[email protected]

BMCC/MEOC, Graduate Center, Hunter, John Jay, QCC, Research Foundation
Emma Powell, Coordinator of Contract Administration, [email protected]

Baruch, Medgar, NYCCT/BEOC, SPS, SoJ, SLU, SPHHP
Faye Moore, PSC Director of Contract Administration
[email protected]

Brooklyn College, CSI, Lehman College, Queens College
Alex Romeo, HEO Grievance Counselor
[email protected]

(Colleges in bold have a campus specific HEO advisor listed above)

Counselor for College Lab Technicians

Greg Douros, PSC Coordinator of Contract Administration
[email protected]

Joshua Belknap, CLT Advisor [email protected]

Advocate and Counselors for Adjunct Instructional Staff

Adjunct Advocate

For questions relating to issues other than non-reappointment, rescission of appointment, or investigative meetings, please contact Adjunct Advocate Marcia Newfield [email protected]

Adjunct Counselors

BMCC/MEOC, Hunter/HCCS, JJ, Lehman, NYC College of Technology/BEOC, York/QEOC
Carol Rial, Adjunct Faculty Counselor
[email protected]

Meg Feeley
[email protected]

BCC/BxEOC, Central Office, CSI, HCC, GCC, KCC, MEC
Ruben Rangel
[email protected]

Baruch, CCNY, QCC, GC
Stan Wine
[email protected]

PSC Contract Enforcement Staff

Call the PSC Office: 212-354-1252

Faye Moore, Director of Contract Administration,  [email protected]

  • Stephanie Crowder, Assistant to the Director of Contract Administration, [email protected]

Greg Douros, Coordinator of Contract Administration, [email protected]

Mitchell Manning, Full-time Grievance Counselor, [email protected]

Emma Powell, Coordinator of Contract Administration, [email protected]

Carol Rial, Adjunct Faculty Counselor, [email protected]

Peter Zwiebach, Legal Director, [email protected]

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