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Distributing respirators to PSC members doing post-Sandy clean up

Thanks to the CUNY School of Public Health, the PSC has a limited number of single use (meaning disposable) face mask respirators for distribution to members.

We’d like to make these respirators available for members’ use outside of CUNY when engaged in clean up activities where exposure to mold and airborne particles is unavoidable and high. Keep in mind that while the respirators will reduce exposure, they aren’t sufficient to eliminate respiratory intake of airborne particles. They also don’t protect against gases or pathogens. Download a guide for their use here.

We’ve got both SMALL and LARGE respirators to accomodate different face sizes.

To obtain the respirators members can:
1) Stop by the PSC which is at 61 Broadway, 15th floor, Manhattan. The person at the desk will direct you to the respirators and give you guides.

2) If you can’t stop by the PSC, email the PSC Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs at [email protected] and be sure to leave your contact information so we can work something out.

Quantities are limited so we ask that you reserve your face masks for unavoidable high exposure situations such as clean-up. Questions? Please contact us!

CLARIFICATION: The respirators being distributed by the PSC are meant to be used outside of CUNY in non-occupational settings–when doing post-Sandy clean up of your own home or community! When at CUNY, you should work with the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) officer at your campus to obtain the appropriate respiratory protection and training.

FURTHERMORE: We should not be undertaking post-Sandy cleanup at CUNY. That set of tasks should be performed by personnel who are appropriately trained for the work–which may involve mold remediation, debris removal, cleaning, and construction.

Best Wishes,
Jean Grassman
Diane Menna
Jacqueline Elliot for the PSC EHS Watchdogs
61 Broadway 15th floor
New York, NY 10006
(212)-354-1252 ext 208

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