Fight for Full City Funding of CUNY FY2022

Updated: June 2, 2021
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Mayor de Blasio's Executive Budget would cut City funding to CUNY community colleges by $77 million, eliminating funding needed to fill empty staff lines when students are in desperate need of more mental health counseling and academic advising. It cuts funding for remediation services and child care to students, for tutoring and service corps, for food insecurity programs, and for the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs. (The Chancellor has said there’s an agreement to restore ASAP funding, but that doesn’t appear in writing and the details of how the funding will be restored are missing.)

NYC will receive $5.9 billion in local COVID stimulus aid to be used by 2024. There is no good reason for this Mayor—who has up to now delivered on his promises to invest in CUNY—to cut CUNY’s funding. After funding adjunct health insurance and the City's share of our contracts and increasing funding for CUNY STEM initiatives and ASAP, de Blasio is repudiating his record of support for CUNY. He’s looking at the one-shot stimulus money CUNY colleges will receive and the progress we’ve made increasing State funding and choosing to harm CUNY and the students CUNY serves.

Black and brown New Yorkers, the poor and the working class have been hit hardest by the pandemic. And these are the New Yorkers for whom CUNY is a lifeline.  For the city’s working class and communities of color as they seek to rebuild their lives after the economic devastation of the pandemic, CUNY is likely to represent the best chance to earn new credentials or a college degree.  New York will not rebound if whole communities are left behind.  If we are committed to an inclusive or anti-racist economic recovery, new investment in CUNY is essential.


The PSC is calling for a total increase of $121.5 million over the FY 2022 Preliminary Executive Budget allocation for The City University of New York

  • $77.3 million to reverse cuts in the enacted FY 2021 budget and eliminate proposed cuts through “cost efficiencies” in the Mayor’s Preliminary Budget for FY 2022;
  • $23.8 million to provide revenue support to offset the loss in tuition from enrollment declines resulting from the pandemic, as requested by CUNY;   
  • $20.4 million to support the first year of the New Deal for CUNY.