Fight for Full City Funding of CUNY FY2023

Updated: July 19, 2022
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New York City’s Future Needs CUNY and CUNY Needs NYC

Investing $62.6 million in new operating funds for CUNY will promote racial equality, boost the economy and ensure safer communities in the future.

PSC's FY2023 City Budget Platform:

  • $20 Million: ASAP for All.
  • $14.6 Million: Replace Lost Full-Time Faculty
  • $10 Million: Mental Health Counselors
  • $2 Million: Increase Graduation Rates by Funding Remediation
  • $5 Million: Expand Intensive English-Language Instruction
  • $4 Million Expand Childcare Centers
  • $7 Million: Revise Support for Senior Colleges
  • $33.5 Million: Capital Budget


  • CLOSED: Write your NYC Council Member. Tell them to reject the Mayor's cuts to CUNY, increase CUNY's budget by $62.6 million, and support CUNY Reconnect.