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$7K Per Course for Adjuncts

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Press the Presidents Petitions

PSC chapters collected signatures on local petitions urging the presidents of their colleges to publicly support fair adjunct faculty pay of $7000 per course and increased salaries for all CUNY faculty and staff. Just as important, the petitions urged the college presidents to push for a CUNY budget request that includes public funds to support the union’s contract demands. The current collective bargaining agreement is not sufficiently funded by the State. As a result, colleges have been forced to cannibalize academic budgets to help cover the costs. Seven chapters had their petitions posted online. Watch a video of the petition delivery.

Add your name to the petition for your campus.

PSC to CUNY Board Chair: We Need a Fair Contract, With 7K for Adjuncts

More than 500 CUNY faculty and staff marched through the Financial District on Thursday, September 27 to demand public investment in CUNY and a fair contract. Led by a brass band, PSC members picketed outside the NY Stock Exchange before chanting our way to the investment banking firm of William C. Thompson, chairperson of the CUNY Board of Trustees. The PSC is pressuring Bill Thompson to demand the public funding needed to ensure raises for all CUNY faculty and staff, $7K per course for adjuncts, and a better life for CUNY workers and CUNY students. Click here to read more and here for Facebook Live video of the demonstration outside Thompson’s office.

Tell your story!

Share with us your personal reason for supporting our union’s contract demand for $7,000 per course minimum pay for adjuncts. We’ll share a quote from your statement on social media along with your name and school. We may also report it in testimony or cite it during contract negotiations. Click here to share your story and upload a photo.

Increasing CUNY adjunct pay to $7,000 minimum per course is essential to student success and the right thing to do.

CUNY sends the wrong message about the value of college education when it relies on adjunct faculty paid a shamefully low wage to do the majority of its teaching.

$7K in PSC’s Bargaining Agenda
$7K in PSC’s State Budget Testimony |$7K in PSC’s City Budget Testimony

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$7K Advocacy Materials

  • CUNY Changes Lives, a booklet on why New York must invest in full-time faculty, adjuncts and advisors to fulfill the promise of CUNY
  • The Facts about CUNY Adjuncts, a fact sheet on why an increase in adjunct pay to $7,000 per course is essential to student success

Get Connected

Join the Committee of Adjuncts and Part-timers Facebook group or attend their working meetings every first friday of the month from 3-5 PM.

Contact your campus liaison for part-time instructional staff or your PSC chapter chairperson.

Ask your chapter chair for a $7K Campaign Membership Poster

$7K in Clarion

More In This Section

CUNY’s Low-Wage Workers to Lawmakers:
A Fair Adjunct Wage of $7K per Course is Essential for Student Success

More In This Section

CUNY’s Low-Wage Workers to Lawmakers:
A Fair Adjunct Wage of $7K per Course is Essential for Student Success

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