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Updated: January 9, 2020
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Contract Update--August 27, 2019

PSC Bargaining Team

Dear PSC Members and Colleagues,

Best wishes at the start of the new academic year. We hope you had a good summer.

We believe that we are close to reaching agreement on a proposed contract. Union and management bargaining teams worked throughout the summer, often meeting or conferring daily. If we continue to make progress, we hope to be able to announce a tentative agreement within the next few weeks.

We will update you as soon as we have more information. Bargaining talks are continuing today and, we expect, will continue every day until an agreement is reached. The PSC leadership has also been active in advocacy with New York State and City governments, both of which must approve any proposed settlement. The leadership has also worked productively with CUNY’s new chancellor in his first months in the position.

As a bargaining team, we have kept our eyes firmly on the prize throughout the negotiations: a contract that includes raises across the board every year, additional equity increases for the lowest-paid full-time positions, and an end to CUNY’s wage injustice for adjunct faculty. The PSC set a standard for a transformation in adjunct pay in this round by demanding $7K per three-credit course for adjuncts. Our current bargaining agenda is the most ambitious the union has ever proposed, and we believe that we have built the power to pursue it.

The union leadership will call on you if we need a quick collective action to help us to conclude negotiations, but for now, we send our thanks for your support throughout the campaign. Our power at the table comes entirely from the pressure you generate by taking organized action.

Whenever the two bargaining teams agree on a proposed contract, it must be approved by the union's Executive Council and recommended for ratification by the PSC Delegate Assembly before being submitted to union members for ratification. As in the past, you will receive detailed information about any proposed agreement and have opportunities to discuss it with your colleagues and members of the bargaining team before casting your vote. Before becoming final, any proposed agreement must be approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees as well as the PSC membership.

Please watch for further updates from the bargaining team and at your next union chapter meeting. Thank you for your continued support.

In solidarity,
The PSC Bargaining Team

Barbara Bowen
Andrea Vásquez
Sharon Persinger
Nivedita Majumdar
Michael Batson
Lorraine Cohen
James Davis
Iris De Lutro
Jackie Elliott
Luke Elliott-Negri
Mike Fabricant
Meg Feeley
David Hatchett
Penny Lewis
Steve London
Carly Smith
Michael Spear
Alia Tyner-Mullings
Blanca Vázquez