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Home » There is Talk of Ending Non-Essential Personnel Lines

There is Talk of Ending Non-Essential Personnel Lines

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I am employed by [college omitted], in the [department omitted]. I am a social worker; I supervise social work students from [college omitted]. I teach in various clinics, I work with clients and I supervise community projects. I also teach at [college omitted] in the [department omitted].

Several years ago I was told that I had no right to any of the benefits enjoyed by my legal colleagues because I did not have a JD. If I had a PhD, I was told, I would and could be placed on an Instructor line. I returned to school and now have my PhD. Having it has not changed anything and my situation continues to be tenuous and my salary and benefits are minimal.

That is, the only reason I have medical benefits is because I am paid as a college assistant. Now that I am applying for other positions within the CUNY system, I appear as a college assistant, not as a potential candidate for a teaching position. Low enrollment at the [college omitted] has decreased and there is talk of ending non-essential personnel lines. This has not only affected my ability to be placed on a professional line but, it also makes me vulnerable to losing my job. I have been working at [college omitted] for 12 years and this investment does not provide any job security. It does not even provide the possibility of acquiring a professional job at another school.

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