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Teaching at BMCC, QCC and, until recently, a non-CUNY School

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I have been an adjunct at BMCC for nearly 18 years. I have also taught at QCC for six years. Last year I was told by my chair that she never should have hired me because my graduate degree is not in [subject omitted]. Last semester, she reduced one of my sections and only gave me two, one of which met until 10 PM at night, a schedule I never taught and never asked to teach.

At a non-CUNY school, I taught art history for eight years. I taught 5 classes each year, including an online course in summer. Last summer, I was sent an email that the [non-CUNY] school would not be renewing my contract after the Fall semester. Last semester, therefore, I taught only three classes total [all at CUNY] even though for eight years I had taught 5 or 6 classes each semester [at all schools combined].

It has been extremely stressful for me having lost my position of 8 years and having the person who hired me at BMCC 16 years earlier tell me that I am no longer desirable. Favoritism was played in the department where those who had taught fewer years than I had been given full-time substitute lines while others, new to the department were given one section while my third section was eliminated from my schedule.

Even this semester, I was asked to teach one class early in the AM and then a class that meets seven hours later on the same day. I felt fortunate that this semester I was offered three sections, but I had to agree to teach on a day I normally do not teach and this has interfered with my other commitments.

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