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Stress and Loss of Reputation

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1. Yes. Loss of income, time with family, stress and loss of reputation. I think I’m seen as a trouble maker for some, champion for others and I just wanted to teach.

2. Yes. I believe my chair does not like me because I asked PSC about my rights and a grievance was filed. Now my younger sister teaches at [college omitted] in the [department omitted] and she wants to know why Human resources ask about me and I am ashamed that she has to be associated with my reputation at that school. I think my former colleagues are afraid to be publicly associated with me.

3. I have not been prepared at times and I had to leave early at times.

4. I had to make house hold cut backs. Cancel vacations. Pay lots of interest on my credit cards. Live with the anxiety of not being able to create a budget. Worst of all, I had to shut down my small business I created because I needed the health insurance from [college omitted] and I did not want to stop teaching. I think I was not seriously considered for full-time employment at [college omitted]. In fact, if [college omitted] did not chronically lose staff at short notice, I do not think I would have worked from semester to semester as long as I did. I felt like a per diem at a temp. agency.

5. I could not make any, I had to quit and take a full-time job at [college omitted] and I still have financial problems stemming from that time of job insecurity at [college omitted]. Now I’m waiting for this case to go to arbitration via of PSC and that has been stressful too because of the length of time this has been going on. Thank God I love to teach, I’m still teaching and hopefully I can answer some questions by the end of the arbitration so that I can feel professional while working as an adjunct if I choose to do so again in my life time. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story, it was helpful.

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