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Letter to the Editor

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CUNY Admissions Deserve Close Scrutiny

In discussion on the recent Atlantic article on race and CUNY admissions, let’s keep the big picture in mind.

LynNell Hancock and Meredith Kolodner are two of New York’s best reporters, journalists of great integrity and enormous knowledge, especially on education. They took on a very big important story, one no other journalists had strangely bothered to try and tell: the long term impact of Giuliani-era changes at CUNY on low-income and college-needy minorities. That this aroused outrage in some quarters is no surprise. Neither is the possibility of mistakes or important information that remained shrouded. Reporters know these are the hazards of the business we’ve chosen. But they take nothing away from the importance of Hancock and Kolodner’s tough scrutiny of what is one of New York’s greatest institutions.

Tom Robbins
CUNY School of Journalism

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