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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (11.16.16): Update on Retroactive Pay and Raises

Apr 11, 2017

The PSC continues to push CUNY to issue clear information about when members can expect to be paid at the new salary rates and when to expect their back pay. CUNY officials still say they expect to pay contractual salary increases and back pay in one check in January, but they have not confirmed the pay dates. In the meantime, CUNY announced that salary step increases that are effective on Jan. 1 will be reflected in the Jan. 5 (senior colleges) and Jan. 13 (community colleges) biweekly pay checks, based on the 2009 salary schedules. The union is still waiting for confirmation of whether the checks paid on the second pay period in January will include retroactive pay and the new salary rates. CUNY is preparing answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about the payment of increased salary rates and back pay, to be distributed in early December.

Based on members’ experience with the ratification bonus, it is clear that income tax withholding and deductions for Social Security, pension etc., which are a percentage of each paycheck, will reduce the gross amount of the check containing the increased biweekly rate plus retroactive pay significantly (about 50%). Members are urged to talk to tax accountants for information if they wish to reduce the impact of higher-than-usual income tax withholding for that check. Campus benefits officers can provide information on existing programs to reduce taxable income but cannot give advice. Also, any changes should be made at least 2 pay periods in advance, and members must remember to undo any large adjustments that they do not want to be in effect for every pay check. The PSC office will inform you as soon as we learn anything more about a date for retroactive pay.

Three Things We Can Do Now
PSC Faculty and Staff Stand with Students

President Bowen sent a message Tuesday detailing three things we can do right now in the wake of the election. “The worst mistake we could make at this moment is to believe that we are powerless,” she said. “We are not powerless.” Please read her message, if you haven’t already, and then take a moment to sign this open letter to CUNY students and take a public stand against all forms of bigotry and hatred.
CUNY Rising Alliance Launches Campaign for Free, Quality CUNY

CUNY Rising, the alliance formed last year to defend the City University of New York from a $485 million cut in State funding, is kicking off a city-wide campaign to demand $2 billion in new funding from the State and City to finance free and quality public higher education. The Student Bill of Rights released by the groups calls for free tuition and aid for other college costs, more full-time professors and advisers for students, upgrades to CUNY’s aging infrastructure, and scaling up programs that aid students’ retention and completion. CUNY Rising will launch a city-wide organizing drive including a massive petition, community action meetings, media advocacy and citizen lobbying to put increased investment in CUNY on the agenda for State and City budget talks. Here’s how you can help:

  • Attend a community action meeting at City College (6:30 PM Mon., Nov. 21) or Brooklyn Borough Hall (6:00 PM Tues., Nov. 22) to plug into the organizing campaign. Here’s a flyer about the meetings.
  • Follow CUNY Rising on Twitter and Facebook and urge your friends and followers to do the same.

Organizing Urgency: The Climate Crisis and What CUNY Should Do About It

An expert panel of climate scientists, advocates and organizers will anchor a forum on climate change hosted by the PSC’s Environmental Justice Committee on Wed., Nov. 30 in the PSC union Hall (61 Broadway, 16th floor). The discussion and call-to-action will run 6-8 PM. Refreshments provided. Download a flyer with more information here and RSVP here.

Visit the online calendar for locations and more information

City College Chapter Meeting, Nov 17, 12:00pm
John Jay College Chapter Meeting, Nov 17, 1:30pm
Watchdog Health and Safety Clinic, Nov 17, 4:30pm
Chapter Chairs Meeting, Nov 17 6:30pm
Queens College Junior Faculty Development Day, Nov 18, 12:30pm
CUNY Rising Action Meeting, Upper Manhattan, Nov 21 2016 – 6:30pm
Environmental Health and Safety Watchdog Workshop, Nov 22, 5:30pm
CUNY Rising Action Meeting, Brooklyn, Nov 22 2016 – 6:00pm
PSC Closed for Thanksgiving Nov 24 – 25
Baruch Chapter Meeting, Nov 29, 12:30pm
Watchdog Health and Safety Clinic, Nov 29, 4:30pm
HEO Chapter Mass Meeting, Nov 29, 6:30pm
Queensborough CC Chapter Meeting, Nov 30, 12:00pm
Organizing Urgency: The Climate Crisis and What CUNY Should Do About It, Nov 30, 6:00pm

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