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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (09.29.15): Wake Up Call for Chancellor Milliken–Thurs., Oct. 1

Sep 29, 2015

Wake Up Call for Chancellor Milliken—Thurs., Oct. 1

We Need You There!

This Thursday, October 1, the PSC and allies from across the city will be delivering a wake-up call to Chancellor Milliken. Why? Because Milliken needs to wake up to the urgency we are experiencing after six years without a raise. We are protesting in front of his CUNY-funded, luxury apartment to make the need for a new contract as real to Milliken as it is to us. Will you be with us? Click here to say yes. Here’s a flier you can download and share with colleagues. And, if you missed it, here’s a message from PSC President Barbara Bowen, Six Things Milliken Could Do to Settle the Contract.

In #5words, #TellJB Why #CUNYNeedsARaise

PSC members will take to social media before, during and after the Wake-Up Call this Thursday morning to tell Chancellor Milliken in five words why #CUNYNeedsARaise. To join in, send a five-word message to Chancellor Milliken (@jbmilliken, about how his failure to resolve the PSC/CUNY contract hurts you and/or your students. (Follow PSC on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not a social media user, send your message, workplace and name to [email protected], and we’ll share it for you.) Use the hashtags: #5words, #TellJB, and #CUNYNeedsARaise or #CUNYContractNow. Some examples from PSC members: Education suffers when faculty leave. Rents have risen, salaries haven’t. Sick of getting no respect! What are your #5words?

Treasurer’s Report—Oct. 15

An open membership meeting and Treasurer’s Report will be held on Thursday, October 15 before the Delegate Assembly from 5-6 PM in the PSC Union hall (61 Broadway, 16th floor). Members of the PSC are invited to attend this question and answer session with PSC Treasurer Sharon Persinger regarding the 2015-2016 PSC budget.

Visit the online calendar for locations and more information.

Wake-up Call for Chancellor Milliken, 1, 8:00am

Committee on the Militarization of CUNY Meets, Oct 1, 6:30pm

First Friday Committee Meeting, Oct 2, 4:00pm

Retirees Chapter Meeting, Oct 5, 1:00pm

Legislation Committee Meeting, Oct 7, 6:00pm

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