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This Week in the PSC (08.06.12): Adjunct Health Insurance Recipients: We Need Your Email

Aug 06, 2012

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Adjunct Health Insurance Recipients: We Need Your Email

In her message last week, PSC President Barbara Bowen promised to share information about the negotiations for the adjunct health insurance benefit “the minute it is available.” If you are covered by the Welfare Fund Adjunct Basic Health Insurance Benefit, please click here to sign up to receive information via email. Recipients of adjunct health insurance should also watch for a letter from Welfare Fund Director Larry Morgan explaining why it is important for the Welfare Fund to have their email address. Other PSC members will receive prompt updates, if and when they are available, via the PSC Website, This Week e-newsletter, and social media.

Resolutions Passed at the AFT Convention

Delegates to the AFT national convention last week passed a series of resolutions stressing the union’s commitment to increased educational and economic opportunity. PSC members were instrumental to the passage of several resolutions, including the resolution Against Austerity Education. Written by members of the PSC and passed unanimously by the AFT delegates, the Against Austerity Education resolution has particular bearing on the struggle against New York’s disinvestment in CUNY and CUNY’s resultant austerity curriculum, Pathways. It makes the connections between austerity policies, the “college completion agenda” and the movement toward low-cost, impoverished curriculum. It also resolves, among other things, “to work to ensure that [the completion] agenda serves to expand and enrich college education, not to narrow and limit it.”

Petition Against the Attack on Tenure at Wayne State

Faculty from all over the country are adding their names to a petition opposing a contract proposal from the management at Wayne State University that would eliminate tenure protections for the 1,600 members of the Wayne State University faculty union (AAUP-AFT Local 6075). The American Association of University Professors (AAUP), PSC’s national affiliate, is mounting the petition campaign to help the local union push back against the dangerous proposal. Please sign the petition and share it with colleagues. Read background on the tenure fight here and the latest news here.

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