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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (06.18.13): AAUP Resolutions on Pathways and Shared Governance

Jun 18, 2013

AAUP Resolutions on Pathways and Shared Governance

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) passed two important resolutions at its national meeting held this past weekend. The first resolution acknowledges the overwhelming vote of No Confidence in Pathways, and calls on the CUNY Trustees to repeal the Pathways resolution and reinstate shared governance. It was unanimously passed. (Read it here.) The second resolution recognized a template, developed by the AAUP’s New York State Conference, for searches for college presidents. Called the “Profile for 21st Century President,” the document affirms the right of faculty to participate meaningfully in the selection of new presidents and codifies rights that faculty members have under the principles of shared governance. (Here is an article from Inside Higher Ed about the template.)

Act Now: No Corporate Welfare on College Campuses!

The Governor is pushing hard for his Tax-Free NY Program legislation, which would inappropriately authorize SUNY, CUNY and community colleges to lease campus space and land to businesses without legislative oversight. Even worse, the bill also authorizes public colleges and universities to engage in joint and cooperative arrangements with businesses locating on college campuses, making it easier to outsource public employee work. With inadequate labor protections for public employees, this bill would fail to safeguard against outsourcing and the displacement of current SUNY or CUNY employees. You can help stop the plan by sending this e-fax to your representatives in Albany.

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