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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (05.24.16): Daily News Editorial on Contract

Jun 08, 2016

The Daily News ran an editorial this weekend: Time for a CUNY contract: Professors must ditch their strike threat, and Gov. Cuomo must step up. It’s over-the-top and takes swipes at the union and others, but it calls on the governor to help fund the contract. It is exceedingly rare for the Daily News to call for State support for public workers’ contracts.

Other recent coverage:

• Amsterdam News: PSC-CUNY votes to authorize strike
• Labor Press: The Real Reason CUNY Hasn’t Settled a Contract

CUNY Student Groups Call for More City & State Investment in CUNY

PSC Secretary Nivedita Majumdar spoke Friday at a student-led news conference at City Hall calling for increased public investment in CUNY. The event, organized by CUNY students working with New York Public Interest Research Group and the University Student Senate, was held before a City Council hearing on Mayor de Blasio’s Executive Budget for CUNY. Speakers at the news conference praised the new investments in CUNY community colleges proposed by the mayor. They also called for continued City Council support for Citizenship NOW!, Dominican Studies Institute and the Murphy Institute Center for Worker Education, and other CUNY initiatives. The groups went on to call out state lawmakers for failing to invest adequately in CUNY. From Albany, they demanded increased funding for the University, State money to support the tuition freeze, and money to settle the PSC-CUNY contract.

Immigrants, Students, and Educators Rally to Increase Adult Literacy Funding

PSC members from the Research Foundation will join nearly 500 immigrants, adult learners, and educators at a press conference at City Hall Park this Wednesday, May 25th at 12 PM to call on Mayor de Blasio to invest $16 million in adult literacy funding in the Adopted Budget. The funding would create educational opportunity for nearly 9,000 New Yorkers, including restoring capacity to community-based programs that lost over 6,300 adult literacy seats in last year’s budget.

The press conference is organized by the New York City Coalition for Adult Literacy (NYCCAL), a citywide coalition of community based organizations, CUNY programs, libraries and union training programs. The PSC is an active NYCCAL member organization. Contact Arcy Reilly if you want to help represent the PSC at the event.

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