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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (05.15.19): New Radio Ad | Graduation Day Actions

Sep 05, 2019

PSC Radio Ad Increases Pressure on Albany and City Hall for Contract Settlement

The union’s media campaign for a fair contract expanded this week, with a radio ad that began airing in NYC on Wednesday. The ad says, “Albany and the City should do better—and do right by our kids.” Click here to listen.

Celebrate the Class of 2019

Fight for the Next Generation of CUNY Students
Sign up here to volunteer to help hand out stickers and flyers to new CUNY graduates, their families and friends at commencement ceremonies throughout the University. Volunteers will also collect “selfies” to share on social media of graduates and family members who support our demands for fair salaries, an end to near-poverty pay for adjunct instructors, and funding for better teaching and learning conditions.

Tell Your Legislators to Close the TAP Gap

The enacted State budget failed to close the TAP Gap—a shortfall of millions of dollars at each CUNY senior college caused by the tuition colleges must waive for students receiving TAP awards. But Assemblymember Deborah Glick and Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, the higher education chairs, are working now to pass stand-alone legislation to begin to close the gap, which will amount to $86 million at CUNY next year. You can help by sending this letter to your representatives in Albany.

“A Union Made for CUNY”

PSC First Vice President Andrea Vásquez and Queensborough Community College Delegate Wally Rosenthal performed a rendition of “A Union Made for CUNY” for the PSC Delegate Assembly in February 2019. It’s based on “Union Maid” by Woody Guthrie (composition adapted from Robert Schumann and Kerry Mills, 1940). Here, to help get you through these last days of the semester, is video of a performance recorded in March.

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Write the Mayor and Your NYC Council Member! Urge Them to Reverse the Cuts to CUNY!