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This Week in the PSC

This Week in the PSC (02.28.11): We Are All Wisconsin

Feb 28, 2011

We Are All Wisconsin
Jim Perlstein, co-chair of the PSC Solidarity Committee, addressed thousands of New Yorkers at Saturday’s City Hall Park rally in support of Wisconsin trade unionists. His speech was a crowd favorite, noted for its humor and sharp political bite (A Reuters report of the rally features Judy Barbanel, Chapter Chair at QCC).

Check the PSC website for future updates on what’s going on in Wisconsin and useful links, including a Wisconsin support page from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). President Barbara Bowen was in Wisconsin all last week at the request of the AFT, working with locals there – see her reports from the field.

Stickers that say “We Are All Wisconsin” are now available at the PSC office. The Bronx Community College PSC chapter will distribute stickers at a solidarity tabling action this Thursday, March 3rd. If you need the stickers for an event on your campus, please contact Rob Murray (212-354-1252 ext 225).

Come Lobby with NYSUT and CUNY Students
Budget cuts to CUNY are not inevitable—there is still time to affect this year’s budget. On Monday and Tuesday, March 7-8th, PSC members will join their NYSUT colleagues from across the state to urge their elected officials in Albany to oppose cuts to CUNY’s senior and community colleges and press for greater state investment in public higher education. You can still sign up by contacting Amanda Magalhaes (212-354-1252 ext 221).

Then during the following week faculty, staff and students will rally and lobby together in Albany. PSC, New York Public Interest Research Group, University Student Senate and United University Professions will cosponsor a special Student-Faculty Higher Education Action Day in Albany on Tuesday, March 15. CUNY students can sign up by stopping by their local student government or NYPIRG office or by contacting Uruj Sheik. PSC members may sign up by contacting Amanda Magalhaes (212-354-1252 ext 221).

Other grassroots advocacy events will be held in Albany on March 21-22 and May 9-10. Members will also meet face-to-face with their City Council members on May 4th. Amanda Magalhaes (212-354-1252 ext 221) is the contact for each event.

Honoring International Women’s Day
The PSC Women’s Committee has an annual tradition. Every year, at a special meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day, the Committee invites women faculty and staff to read aloud original or secondary works about women whom they find inspiring. This year, the PSC’s International Women’s Day observance will take place on Tuesday, March 8 at 6:00pm in the Justice Room at the PSC office. Last year, attendees read about famous activists and journalists and about not-so-famous grandmothers and foremothers who were equally inspiring.

“Hearing about each other’s sources of wisdom and motivation help us carry on the struggles for transformation to a more compassionate and just world,” said Women’s Committee Co-chair Marcia Newfield about the reason behind the annual meeting. Contact Marcia (212-354-1252 x213) for more information.

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